The Enemy Within’: Behind The Demigod


Gavin Sanchez, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

The show that’s currently still in production, The Enemy Within’ has a large variety of characters, we have a magical sorcerer, a banished god, a strong genius, a jack of all trades, and a demigod from another reality. These heroes are both loved and hated across the world for their acts of heroism for the days and nights of New York. Here is a deep dive into our favorite demigod, Phynix

Phynix, also known as Carlos Phoenix, is an otherworldly hero with a desire for redemption. Carlos was born into a wealthy family, given the name “Carlos”, however, his parents never really wanted a child in the first place, but when the mother found out she was pregnant she chose to keep the child as she thought getting an abortion was a monstrous thing to do. After he was born his parents kept, raised, and taught him until he was 4, when he was sent to an orphanage. Carlos then spent the next 6 years in this orphanage where they take the exceptionally gifted children (like Carlos with his teenage rivaling intelligence and above-age average strength and speed) and abuse and discipline them, trying to make them more “normal”. After these 6 long years of loneliness and cruelty, 1 day before his birthday Carlos eventually escapes the facility. He runs for as long as his body has the strength to pass out in a large field eventually. A few hours pass and Carlos is found and picked up by a monk that was wandering the area who then brought him to his sanctuary. This was where the hero Phynix was born. Here he learned many things such as a sort of spell or power he learned at the age of 11 where he can create interdimensional portals to a black void realm that he uses to store his personal belongings and/or sends people for interrogation (the portals can’t be any larger than Phynix himself). His second power is a curse placed upon him by a demon after finding its dead body down an alleyway where he gains its power and its soul lives on in him. This curse allows him to control and create fire, fly, shapeshift, and enter hell when he wants. His last ability is to transform into a Cryonite hybrid at will thanks to a boon or blessing granted to him by the leader of a Cyronite colony. The transformation allows him to do everything a cryonite can do but better, such as creating and controlling Cryogem and Cryofire, flight, “infecting” non-living things and some living things, and many more. The reality Phynix comes from is populated with Cryonite which is a type of crystal shard that can hold electricity and is very durable. The people of this reality use Cryonite as their weapons

Overall, Phynix or Carlos has had a good life and I am glad he is on the hero team! We could use skills like his, I can’t wait for his story to expand as we face our first official villain, Reverse.