The Enemy Within’: Behind The Jack Of All Trades


Gavin Sanchez, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

The show that’s currently still in production, The Enemy Within’ has a large variety of characters, we have a magical sorcerer, a banished god, a strong genius, a jack of all trades, and a demigod from another reality. These heroes are both loved and hated across the world for their acts of heroism for the days and nights of New York. Here is a deep dive into our favorite jack of all trades, Frost

Frost, also known as Scott Booth, has seen a traumatizing amount of things in his childhood. Since Radiants became a thing, the government has created a school for Radiant children when their parents don’t want to raise a Radiant child. They call this school the “Radiants Authority”, this school was made to turn these unwanted children into heroes, and nothing more. They also conduct experiments on the children to learn as much as possible about Radiants. Scott’s parents didn’t want to have to deal with a radiant child, so they sent him to the Radiants Authority.  One day, in his first class, he tried protecting his dorm mate but was sent to the purple room. He witnessed his dorm mate get killed, shortly after the guards force-fed Scott with his blood. Since his body isn’t used to this new Firepower, he burnt his knees the first time he used it and was sent to the infirmary. His new dorm mate was with him but they both were drugged after Scott’s knees were bandaged. They were sent to the purple room again. They did the same thing they did to the last kid. They force-fed Scott his blood again to give him a new power, Gravity. Again, his new dorm mate was killed and Scott was yet again force-fed her blood, and how has a new power, Lightning. This all happened in 4 days, and on the 5th day, his dorm mate and Scott were sent to the purple room. But this time, a lady on the PA system told them that they needed to fight, First, having experienced all of this chaos in 4 days, he let out all of his anger on his dorm mate. Then, some doctors grabbed his mate’s dead body to take his blood, they drugged Scott and while he was out, they fed him his blood. Now, Scott has the powers, Ice, Fire, Gravity, Lightning, and Power Boost. A couple of weeks after that, he got a grip on his new powers and can use them without harming himself, so he was the first and last person to ever escape the Radiants Authority. Scott had to learn basic life skills on his own a.k.a watching YouTube videos. This also inspired him to become a content creator for money. Still to this day, he has nightmares of the horrors he has seen that day. He rarely thinks about it but when he does, it hits hard

What a hardcore original story, Frost has seen a lot as a child, yet he is the least mature of the hero team. Frost is the most overpowered of the team though. I think Frost needs some paid-for therapy, that poor man has been through hell and back. I wonder if he’ll ever get revenge on Radiant Authority.