The Many Shades of Jenna Ortega

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David Reynaga, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Jenna Ortega is now one of the most famous actresses at this time, due to a magnificent process when it comes to acting. Jenna Ortega started as a young actor, who really didn’t have an important role in movies, since she would be the child actor that gives the audience an “aww” moment. Now it is different, Jenna Ortega is taking lead roles, after leading roles from tv shows to big movies. It’s an obvious thing that Jenna Ortega does in order to be more likable and it’s a simple process, depending on one thing “looks”. Jenna Ortega is meant to be a beautiful girl, according to the media, and this can be taken as an advantage

Wednesday is one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and one of the reasons for it being so popular is because of her looks. Many users started crushing on Jenna Ortega, to the point where they will only watch Wednesday to see her in action. This even developed to the point where if a person mentions Jenna Ortega, most of the time they will say “The girl that plays Wednesday”. It will make sense, since the show is all about her, with a possible 8-hour watch time to see her in action. She does however have other interesting characters, not such as Wednesday and most of them involve a movie.

The Scream franchise obviously didn’t have Jenna Ortega, because she wasn’t born when the movies came out. She didn’t even get her acting career in 2011, which is when the 4th Scream movie came out. Now that we got the 5th and 6th movies of Scream it is about time to add Jenna Ortega to the franchise. Jenna Ortega is known as Tara Carpenter, in the Scream franchise, and just like Wednesday it makes Scream better, since she’s in it. For the 5th Scream she didn’t really use her looks for the movie’s boost ratings, since most of the movie she’s in the hospital. In Scream 6 however it became one of the most popular Scream’s in a while, and one of the reasons is that Jenna Ortega will be more in action. Obviously though the most important reason Scream 6 is the best is because it takes place in New York, but a small portion is Jenna Ortega. 

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The X movie also features Jenna Ortega, running away from another psychotic killer, just like the Scream movies. This movie is possibly the most unknown movie that Jenna Ortgea is in, because I have not heard this movie mentioned at all, since its release. Most of the reason however is that it’s too explicit to show in theaters, because it contains adultery and very gory stuff. The X movie is only mentioned, because Jenna Ortega is in and it’s not an exaggeration, because if you look up the cart for the movie, 99% chance no one will know anyone except for Jenna Ortega herself. I feel like with her being popular, you can mostly likely see who stands out from the cast and from the movie scenes

As for the upcoming future for Jenna Ortega, I feel like she would most likely be doing horror movies. It makes sense, since she was in the Babysitter: Killer Queen, Scream, and X, with all less than 3 years as of now. Just adding Jenna Ortega in anything like a movie or a tv show, while making her the main character and having lots of action with her can possibly increase some scores. Obviously most film ratings are based on how it went, but Jenna Ortega just gives off this tiny boost for the scores, and it’s all just for her looks.