Is Easter important for people to celebrate?

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Carolina Garcia , OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

I want to say that for those who don’t know what Easter is, I will be explaining and talking about why people celebrate it or not.  So to begin with, Easter is a holiday that some people celebrate for Jesus Christ, and that usually brings people together. On top of the religious aspect, Easter is also a time where you go hunt for little easter eggs that have candy or money inside depending how other families do it, alongside other traditions and events, such as getting a basket full with candy and little stuff inside. Some people sometimes don’t end up celebrating Easter which is okay but maybe people are curious to know why, especially me being a “chismosa” (a person who likes to listen to everyone’s gossip). I would like to know why too. So to add on, I would like to say that the people who don’t celebrate the actual religious part are still likely to spend time with family and friends on that Sunday. Another thing is that when people do tend to celebrate, many family relationships start to open up with one another. Furthermore, Easter is a day where people can connect and spend time with each other. Another thing is that Easter is a very fun day. The colors are pink and yellow, with various other really bright colors which helps spread positivity and love. Overall,, I would say celebrating Easter is honestly not too important but it does help family and friends gather around and be more open and connected to one another. I hope everyone had a happy Easter Sunday!