Noah Ross: Semper Fidelis


Photo credit: Noah Ross

David Reynaga, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

One of the most challenging things in high school is constantly being around and connecting with people, but the best person to be around and connect with at  Agua Fria High School is Noah Ross. Noah enjoys physics so much to where he has taken AP Physics, but does not even need the credit to achieve his future goal. He stands out so much, with his fantastic hair and bright personality. He is not just known for his hair however, but he is well known for his academics by two of his favorite teachers in Agua Fria High School. A lot of people like these two teachers, but these two teachers like Noah Ross for mainly being himself. He has gone through high school and became more successful thanks to Ms. Fowler and Ms. Boscarino. 

Photo credit: Noah Ross

Ms. Fowler has stated that “He engaged with content, he did his work passionately, and was always kind to people. He’s the best.” Not only that, he is also loved by Ms. Boscarino. Ms. Boscarino states, “One of my favorite things about being his teacher is how open he was for the past 2 years.” He was loved by students and teachers who really supported him, but his true support is his loving family. During Noah’s time at Agua Fria, he made it past the years through his sister who helped him during challenging tasks along the way. I’m sure that Noah’s family is proud of what he is now and what he will become in the future. With his last support being his friends, he gives it all to two friends named Brandon and Paige, who have also helped him through difficult obstacles along his high school journey. 

Before Noah became a senior he had past experiences that most people can possibly relate to. The easiest grade year for Noah was freshman year, and knowing how smart Noah is he probably rarely asked for help from the people close to him. Freshman year was easy for Noah, so he decided to play freshman football during the year. However, later in 2 years, he stumbled upon Junior year, which was one of the hardest grade years for him throughout his high school journey. Now after taking all the normal classes, he never really joined any clubs, but stuck with his academic work. 

Photo credit: Noah Ross

The future for Noah is an amazing goal that most people wouldn’t tend to do because it involves serving a country. Noah wants to join the military for 4 years after graduating high school. It is sad to see him go, especially from his teachers, but also from his favorite memories that will be missed. He always loved coming into class ready for AP physics to start, because it was one of his favorite parts of his day. He not only loved AP Physics, but also the events, such as StemCon 2023 which was hosted by physics teachers, including Ms. Boscarino. I can speak to everyone that barely knew Noah or actually knew him, that he will be missed, and that we wish him the best of luck in the Military. We’re all hoping for Noah to never forget this amazing high school that helped throughout these 4 years. Noah, you not only served this school as a great student, but you’re now going to serve our country and we thank you for that. From his favorite teachers, Ms Boscarino states “I am so proud of him” and from Ms. Fowler, “He is going to rock it and be so successful in life and in the military”.