Mikalah Larkham: A Beautiful, Unique, and Optimistic Soul


Photo credit: Mikalah Larkham

Carolina Garcia, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

This beautiful girl named Mikalah is a senior graduating from Agua Fria.  She is a wonderfully unique person; while talking to her I would say that her tone and everything was very calm and friendly. Even though it was hard to be very open to me, I loved how she didn’t mind and wasn’t awkward about expressing herself. 

 So as you can tell I am going to be talking about this smart human being. To start off, I would like to talk more about her and her future goals such as how she feels about finally being done of high school. Mikalah feels very happy to accomplish her 4 years of high school but she also felt nervous because she felt that time went by really quickly.  Mikalah also talked to me about how she is going to college after she graduates which is awesome to hear!

Photo credit: Mikalah Larkham

The college she will be attending is NAU in Flagstaff. Not only that, but after college she would also want to be able to work as a child psychologist. I then wanted to know what the most challenging thing for her was in high school was and Mikalah said “motivation” was very challenging for her, meaning that she felt no motivation to keep trying during school. It’s good that later on she felt more motivated to get things done. Furthermore, later on throughout  , Mikalah named teacher Mrs. Mauritz her favorite, as someone, “who was very helpful and inspiring” to her. She felt like she got the most help from that awesome teacher.  The reason for that is because in her freshman year she messed up on not being more open and talkative with everyone around her. But as she got older and reached the limit of her finally being done with high school makes her feel relieved that she no longer has to stress. 

Mikalah has come a long way to successfully finish what she always wanted to do. She did not only finish school but showed herself that she’s very hard working and successful. Mikalah did learn throughout the school years that maybe she enjoys school and decides to go to college after high school.

Photo credit: David Espinoza

On top of all that though her best memory of high school that she will always remember is prom, because she won prom queen. Another  great memory that she enjoyed was all the football games because she got to cheer for the school and team.  

Mikalah states, “College is something that can be helpful but shouldn’t be forced to go.” She thinks college is a way that can help many students but all students shouldn’t have to go if that’s not their goal or dream. The reason why she is where she is attending college is because of her dad. She says her dad is one of the only reasons why she is strong and has been pushing through the hardest times. As someone that just met her, I would like to thank her dad for raising such a strong, beautiful, and smart girl who will achieve her future goals. Last but not least, the advice Miklaha can give to people such as freshmans would be to be yourself, talk to as many people as possible and be more open.  

Good luck to you on your next adventure, Mikalah!