Jonathan Mojica: A True Trickster


Photo credit: Jonathan Mojica

Mushroom Ritchie, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

With lots of hope, determination and an outgoing personality, Jonathan Mojica is ready to start the next chapter of his life after high school. He’s preparing to try and achieve his dreams while having fun along the way.

Jonathan Mojica is an energetic trickster who’s always full of surprises. He’s in three clubs while balancing four AP classes all at once. His favorite class is AP psychology and he placed 5th for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). He told me that he looks up to his father because of his work ethic. Jonathan is looking forward to going to college and he’s hoping to go to ASU or EMCC. He wants to go into engineering, more specifically, he wants to be a CTO.

In an interview with him after school, I asked him a few get to know you questions and here’s how it went. I asked him what his biggest fears were, and he told me it was the ocean and natural disasters, which is pretty understandable. I asked him a few of his favorite things as well. His favorite sport is boxing, he enjoys playing chess, he likes sushi, the color blue, and wolves. His favorite place is his house, more specifically, his bed and his favorite holiday is Christmas. He’s pretty relatable in some aspects as far as his goals, what he likes, and how he acts.

Photo credit: Bill Babyar

Now for some fun facts, Jonathan has two siblings, one older and one younger. He has three dogs: Akira, a german shepherd, Snowball, a bolognese and chihuahua mix- also known as bolo-chi -and Rubis, what he thinks may be a chihuahua and terrier mix. Jonathan sees himself as a spontaneous, organized and athletic person. Jonathan’s overall experience at Agua Fria was a seven out of ten. He hates the homework, but likes the people here and he stated that the teachers were okay. He has a few tricks up his sleeve as he managed to Rick Roll three of his classes this year.

Jonathan has also been described as determined, hard working, and focused. He gets stuff done even with so much to do. He can keep up and have fun with no trouble. With an optimistic attitude and a bright spirit, he’s definitely fun to be around. He is definitely very interesting; the few times I’ve interacted with him, he was very goofy. He can be pretty talkative at times but he can still play that professional role.

Photo credit: Darcie Richmond

He’s not too hard to get along with, but he is definitely easy to argue with. He can be loud or quiet and joke about almost anything. He seems to love to make jokes even if he’s the only one laughing. He’s a fairly good guy from what I’ve learned anyway. He’s actually pretty nice, but tends to jokingly bully you from how I’ve seen him behave with his younger sibling, who also happens to be a close friend of mine. The two of them both jokingly bully each other but they still manage to get along. After all, I think siblings are allowed to bully each other.

Overall, Jonathan is a great guy with big goals to achieve and he’s ready to do what’s necessary to get there. He’s full of fun and jokes, but he also has a focus and a dream. He has what it takes and he’s reaching for the stars. With all of his hard work and determination, he’ll surely get there. Energetic, optimistic, and outgoing is how I would describe him, he gives off a certain vibe and energy.