Eddie Casco: Future Rising


Photo credit: Eddie Casco

Gavin Sanchez, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

As Spring is blooming across the world, Arizona is getting hotter and hotter, and the sun is getting brighter and brighter, but nothing can outshine Eddie Casco! Eddie is a laid-back, chill kind-of guy with an upbeat personality and mindset. Eddie may be pretty laid back, but he has a good dedication to getting things done and working hard.

Eddie believes that putting in the work for things that may frustrate you or stress you out will all be worth it, and can even be manageable. Eddie likes listening to any genre of music. He states, “I like any type of music regardless of what it is, if it’s rap, singing, it all seems good to me. And I am chill about it.” Eddie enjoys any type of music since it all sounds good to him, but if Eddie were to look up to any artist, it would be a rapper, Juice WRLD. He explained that “His music lyrics mean a lot to me.” Juice WRLD inspired Eddie to “Stay mellow and stay relaxed” and “not to waste your time on people when they bring negative energy towards you.” 

Eddie, in his own words, would explain his high school experience as “pretty chill and rough at the same time, but as I said, you’ll tend to manage through the hard stuff, and now I am at the mellow part where I can just relax and focus on my grades.” Eddie’s response to if he’d change anything about his high school experience. “Yes and no; I would have liked to work out more and just focus on sports and also focus hard on waking up early and having enough sleep to focus on school work.” He also mentioned that maintaining a good sleep schedule and waking up early is key to keeping your mind at 100% so you can focus on your work and get it done. Keeping your grades good is helpful since you can get into colleges you want to go to, if you work hard enough you could even get a scholarship from your school! Having good grades helps you do all of the cool things you want to accomplish in your adulthood.

Fun fact: When Eddie was in his freshman year of high school, he spent time playing soccer which was his favorite high school memory. “Back in freshman year when I was on the soccer team, we had lots of fun there, it was pretty lit, everybody scored once, everybody had their chance of doing what they did and they shined bright”. To Eddie, being a senior is a pleasing experience since you’re getting closer and closer to graduation, yet it is pretty difficult since you miss all of the good memories from back in the past years of high school. Eddie is excited about adulthood, he has already started paying taxes, paying bills, and paying off his car, and he is starting to think about what he is going to do with his life. Although, Eddie is not ready for so much stress and the burden he’ll carry sooner or later. Either you are living by yourself or with family. 

In the end, it is sad seeing such a bright man leave Agua Fria High School. Eddie has had a lot of good times here, and now he has to leave the nest and start flying into adulthood. Though high school may be difficult, it is important to stay focused, maintain a good sleep schedule, work hard, and keep your grades in check. Here is some of Eddie’s advice to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors: “Try your hardest, you’re gonna deal with a lot of hard stuff, even struggles, and stress towards teachers, but you’ll tend to manage”. This is our goodbye to Eddie Casco, I hope your future is bright and you do good things in life. Good luck Eddie, I wish you all the best!