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Saw Movies: Best to Worst

Note: For everyone’s safety and concern these are all opinions that came from the author, please do not harm the author or anyone that was interviewed and mentioned in this article, thank you. 

Saw movies have become a type of horror within its own movies, known as torture-horror. Saw movies originally started around 2004, where horror ended up dying. Quickly changed seeing how Saw functioned. Now to this day the franchise still continues on after 19 years where on September 29, 2023 Saw X (meaning Saw 10) comes out. I haven’t seen these movies since I was younger. I couldn’t be bothered seeing blood and gore in a horror movie, but now years later things have changed and I’m here to watch them all and rank each of these movies from their story, kills, and suspense. We will all start off with the worst Saw movie to the Best Saw movie. 


  1. The last place in which I am not surprised is Spiral, this is just awful. It is one of the worst movies I have seen and it does not deserve the Saw title at all. This movie is completely different from what a Saw movie is, there are hardly any action traps added for this movie, and you can easily get bored with Chris Rock’s jokes and for this, it gets a 2.5/10. For the kills, there were hardly any and when there were, it had the weirdest editing in the whole movie. After one kill all of a sudden we have to wait an extra long time just for another kill to happen. For all the rare kills to happen in this movie it gets a solid 6.35/10 for the kills, there were some good traps, but there were hardly enough traps. Honestly, it was so simple to tell who it could have been because they didn’t show his death in particular to the movie and every victim we witness their death, this gives it a 3.8/10 for the suspense. After this awful movie, it gets a horrible rating of 3.8/10 just flat out not necessary to be a Saw movie.


  1. The rest is for more modern Saw movies like Jigsaw the 8th installment for the franchise, and definitely for a modern movie it gets a nice 7.9/10 for the story. The story just gets a low score mostly because it is a very random story to add to the main plot line and it is so unnecessary to be the  8th movie. However, some of the kills were more off screen and some were just pretty ‘meh’ and not as gory as the originals. So sure for a modern time it gets a 4.2/10, it was a lot of random deaths including death traps. Then for suspense, I definitely think the time skip is one of the best, kinda of oddly similar to the Saw 2 stories where the cameras weren’t live and it was 2 day old footage. 


  1. Saw 4 comes out as number 7, probably because it was one of the most confusing ones in the story, and it apparently is around the same timeline as Saw 3. Where both movies end is all in one main story, which was pretty interesting but out of everything it was pretty dull, so that gets a solid 7.7/10, pretty forgettable out of the 9 movies. The kills were definitely some crazy ones, but there were mostly dull kills as well, and just like the story, easily forgettable but overall for the kills it gets a 7.35/10. Out of all the suspense, I would definitely say that with all the connections forming into the ending for Saw 4, I do think that combining Saw 4 and 3 together is adequate and gets an 8.9/10. Sadly with the low kill score and the low story score, but with a high suspense it gets a nice overall of 7.7/10.


  1. Saw 3 comes at number 6, definitely similar to Saw 2, kind of  a different story, but it gains its own connection. As it’s own story it definitely is okay for the sense, I think the doctor plot is more crazy then the trap plot, out of both of them though they get a solid 7.8/10, the guy in the trap was just the worst. Saw 3 however in my opinion if this wasn’t based off stats, it would be my favorite movie for the kills, it had the ribs trap, also known as the Angel trap, and it had the rack which were both solid kills in the film, however with all the kills combined for it’s average it gets a 7.9/10. For the suspense it kinda is a little bit suspect, because the hints are a bit too obvious and just the viewer can possibly know, for example why a girl and a guy are on trial and look like the age of being a parent. That’s because they’re both husband and wife, but Amanda having a secret game being played by herself was crazy and more wild when it came to Saw 6, but overall for suspense 7.6/10 not as much twist, and kinda obvious with the hints. Out of all these scores it gets an average of 7.8/10 within the series.
  1. Saw 2 was okay for its story. It kinda had some little of a connection to the original, but it functions as more of its own film , but throughout the franchise they have a connection, for its own personal story I definitely think it earns a 8.2/10. For the kills, we didn’t really get a big trap, it was mostly just poison here and there, which is why the score was settled to be 7.05/10 for the kills. For suspense, knowing that one of the first victims was an accomplice it definitely threw me off and having the detectives fool and trapped was crazy to say the least, for suspense however  it’s a nice simple story, it gets a 9.1/10. Overall score with the kills, suspense, and the story it comes out to be an 8.2/10 film. 


  1. Saw 3D was definitely one that had the most action towards the detective plot line, but I think for the trap plot line, there was kinda no reason to bring Bobby along, since he didn’t effect John Kramer, and a bit less pointless then the trap plot in Saw 5, I think overall for the whole thing the detective story carries the movie and earns a 8.3/10. There were definitely a lot of kills in Saw 3D for its final, but there were some that weren’t as gory as the first few original movies, but for the kills it gets an overall score of 5.6/10 there were a very few good ones and a lot of basic ones. For the suspense it definitely caught me off guard that after 6 movies we got to see the first victim become the hero of the film, I definitely think this one does earn 8.9/10. Out of everything that happened in this movie I definitely think the suspense killed and made me think this movie should earn an average score of 8.3/10.


  1. For number 3 it is Saw 6, I do think this is one of the stories that has a connection to John Kramer and his needs for his work. I definitely think that both plot lines are different, but it’s understandable for them to not  have a full connection to each other, but both stories are solid enough for the score to be 8.7/10. For the kills there were some extremely brutal ones, not as much as Saw 3, 2, and 4, but more brutal than 5, with all the kills rated we get an average of 7.5/10 for the kills. Interesting fact that Agua Fria Journalism Teacher Ms. Fowler also likes the kills for Saw 3, because of how unique they were and how different they are from each other. For the finale of Saw 6 it definitely was a shocker to know that some of the characters we meet do have connections to the main story. Especially knowing that Hoffman survived after Jill’s incident and continues on, the suspense for sure should get a rating of 8.6/10, not as much of a twist, but still chaotic towards the end. The final score for this one gets a solid 8.6/10. It was okay for the most part, but definitely the traps in this movie carried the film and the on edge for Hoffman. 


  1. Saw 5 hands down is my all time favorite movie in my opinion, if I wasn’t basing the movies on average scores and stats, I would say that Saw 5 is my all time favorite movie. Having 4 storylines in one movie then a basic 2 storyline, we had 4 leading up to the finale of the movie. The whole movie is a lead up to the finale, and there’s a twist here and there every now and then, but with a score it gets a 8.9/10. With the kills there were some brutal ones, definitely more brutal then Saw 1, but I definitely don’t think it’s the most brutal one in the Saw franchise with all the kills combined we get a score of 7.9/10. The suspense was really good, having a suspense at the beginning of the movie and then another suspense at the end of the movie and even more suspense throughout the movie just makes it better, out of all the suspense together it definitely gets a score of 8.7/10. All 3 of the scores combined we get an average score for this movie of 8.7/10. 


  1. Saw 1 earns its spot at  number one, you can’t just deal with the original and its basic and normal storyline with a personal score of 8.8 out of 10. Before the storyline became so complicated after the 3rd movie this was the one storyline that worked on its own, and I know it ended on a cliffhanger, but maybe that works better for its own story. This however is Ms. Fowler’s favorite Saw movie overall because of the story and just overall because it’s not cheesy and it sets up from the other movies and it’s just a way to never disrespect the first and original. The kills weren’t as gory as the other movies, but that’s what makes it a good start for the first movie, meaning simple story, simple kills. With all the kills rated it gets around an average score of 7.15 out of 10 not bad for a first movie. For the suspense, I feel like it was pretty good to know who the real Jigsaw is and it was a nice introduction to John Kramer and his work all that for a score of 9.3/10. This was tied as well for Ms. Fowler’s suspense along with the 7th one, but after hardcore thinking she said the first suspense was the best one. For the story, kills, and suspense it gets an overall score of 8.8/10.


We have a hidden list which can’t be rated as Saw X which is the 10th movie that will come out on September 29, 2023, it will be 100% better than Spiral for sure. For now from the trailer it gets 8.6 out of 10 for the doctor plot. It’s interesting, but just like Jigsaw, it’s so unnecessary to keep adding a story. For this no kills or suspense will be added until the movie comes out. I do hope that everyone does watch Saw X because I feel like it’s heading towards more of the classics then the latest 2 movies, and this movie does seem like it would affect the list by a lot.

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