The Student News Site of Agua Fria High School


The Student News Site of Agua Fria High School


The Student News Site of Agua Fria High School


Welcome Our Owls!!!
Photo credit: Ms. Fowler
David Reynaga
Lifestyle Reporter

Introverted, Gamer, and Lazy. These are three words David Reynaga used to describe himself. Coming from Los Angeles, California, 16 year old David is now a junior who has just recently arrived at Agua...

Photo credit: Gavin Sanchez
Gavin Sanchez
Lifestyle Reporter

Here at Agua Fria, there are many types of students with so much to say. But rather than focusing on one person, let’s focus on first-year student Gavin Sanchez. As a fellow Agua Fria High School...

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The Rise of Chilla’s Art Horror Games

Photo Credit: Athziri Ortiz

Chilla’s Art is a company that was created by two brothers and more recently their games have been well received by the gaming community. They have released several short-titled horror games that are in the genre of indie horror. The gaming community has shown their love for Chilla’s Art ideas by playing their games and donating money on their Patreon. Since 2018, they are still going at it and continuing to make short horrors that people have taken an interest in.

Photo Credit: Athziri Ortiz

This game company has skyrocketed in the horror genre because of the spine-chilling energy it has created for itself. Some of the games that you may have heard of are called, “The Convenience Store” “The Closing Shift” and “The Karaoke”. Chilla’s Art has shown a few topics in their games like stalking, murder, grooming, kidnapping, and paranormal activities.

Chilla’s art involves side characters to be in part of the story. Some of the characters that they involve have important parts or they are just there for comedic relief.

Zoe Perez, a student who works as an opinion editor for Agua Fria High School says, “ The traits I love about these games are the random side characters that somehow contribute to the plot later on in the game, or some objects that will show you the plot twist at the very end and give you that “wow factor”. Zoe who said she has played Chilla’s art-horror games has loved the characters, story, activities, and mystery that Chilla’s art brings.  

The games that Chilla’s art produced have a specific style that makes these games so eerie to gamers. According to Paula Gonzalez, a person who reported about Chilla’s art, “ Jumpscares alternate between predictability and spontaneity, which are terrifying as it is, moreover, when the kind of incorporation Chilla’s Art will deliver is always unbeknownst to the player” and “Their games are purposefully developed in low-resolution style, which bodes well with their unique night-time feature to immediately add a fearful, almost grainy effect.” 

A new recent game called, “Parasocial”, has been released by Chilla’s Art. This game follows classic Japanese elements of a horror film and as the title shows it discusses parasocial. Audrey DI Martino, who talked about Parasocial says,” The newest project from Chilla’s art, Parasocial will feature all the VHS effect, late-90 Playstation-era-graphics and elements of Japanese horror so staple to the developers’ visual style”. Fans were really excited when it was revealed that a new game was going to come out and showed appreciation after the game was out.

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About the Contributor
Athziri Ortiz
Athziri Ortiz, Lifestyle Reporter
Make way, she's coming through!!! Ever thought of meeting someone so courageous it makes you look up to them? Maybe you have, but not like Athziri! Let’s rather focus on meeting this person, so gentle with her words and a tone that will make you feel right at home. This year, a first-year journalism student and a 16-year-old sophomore, are ready to get involved with our amazing school Agua Fria High School. Her life is improving with motivation and work every second, and she soon realizes that everything is worth the risk. This is Athziri Ortiz, the passionate person that anyone would be lucky to interview. She found her path to being a lifestyle reporter involved applying and writing about WHY she deserves this spot, she had to go through the process of knowing how to introduce a topic that is in an everyday lifestyle, maybe even your lifestyle. While speaking to Athziri she has spoken about the process of adapting, she says “I think that writing articles that are nothing like what I have written before has actually been growing on me.” Adapting fast and working hard, Athziri describes herself as reticent, meaning she does not up immediately, very reserved and buttoned up. “My year so far has been a little bit stressful but it has been more calming than last year, despite all of those things I'm looking forward to being able to complete this year,” she says, this is her way of saying although she can be that way, she's looking forward to finding the right people to put trust in. “I think the most meaningful thing that has happened to me was, well getting a dog”, her first puppy, named Leon has been one of the biggest parts of her life bringing her joy and happiness, this is because Athziri has never really had a puppy of her own. As hard as school gets, she describes that in a way this has contributed to her getting through a stressful school day and is always reminding herself that her “knowing at the end I will come home to a fluffy friend.” Athziri is talented in all ways, but if you bring up art, you are in for a ride. Her talents vary from drawing to writing articles about the characters she draws, amazing right? She provides her characters background stories about the life she gives them, she brings them back to life just as if they were real people.  Her interest in that has made her want something more–after high school, Ortiz wants to go to ASU to study the arts, and art history to take the path to become an art teacher. She wants to spread her knowledge with other kids to help them find themselves in art. A Virgo, practical and sensible and is known for being a perfectionist, Athziri is the perfect definition for a Virgo. Born on September 6th, 2007 an industrious person is born, Ortiz. As much as she may want to get out of habits, she is the person that will take her time in a healthy way. All of these things make her the person she has become in her years, from being just a kid to studying hard, growing up is a wonderful thing and she acknowledges that. Her life is meant to be exciting, full of magic and happy energy, full of joy and adventures. Athziri Ortiz is here to take the chance, to take the chance to learn as her life goes on. “ I am here to support my school, Agua Fria, I admire spirit as much as they admire their students”  

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