Why I joined HOSA

By:Ulysses Altamirano

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UnknownHOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America. This club currently sponsored by Ms.Mowbray is dedicated to the students in high school that wish to enter the medical field. HOSA can show you what it is going to be like when entering your future dream job. HOSA invites many professionals in the healthcare business to come speak and paint of picture of a future career you might want to be a part of.

This club can help you develop a lot of leadership skills and build upon your character. You can build your self confidence when it comes to the topic of healthcare. In HOSA, you are trained to develop an understanding of the issues of healthcare in the world. And if you plan on entering the medical field then this is very crucial information to know.

HOSA can also help you make really good career choices if you have no clue on what you want to be when you grow up. This can also help you develop character amongst everyone in the club by participating in group projects. This brings  all members together to complete complicated tasks. Coming together helping everyone solve this problem all together.

This is why I have joined HOSA. Not only can it help me get into the path of the medical field, but it can show me what it is like being a person who helps others. Building my leadership skills and being very social with other members of HOSA, will definitely get me where I need to be when I grow up.