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Welcome Our Owls!!!
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David Reynaga
Lifestyle Reporter

Introverted, Gamer, and Lazy. These are three words David Reynaga used to describe himself. Coming from Los Angeles, California, 16 year old David is now a junior who has just recently arrived at Agua...

Athziri Ortiz
Athziri Ortiz
Lifestyle Reporter

Make way, she's coming through!!! Ever thought of meeting someone so courageous it makes you look up to them? Maybe you have, but not like Athziri! Let’s rather focus on meeting this person, so gentle...

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All Hallows Eve Evolution

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Halloween. The holiday that has become beloved by little children and candy addicts alike. A holiday that brings out the spooky and the kooky in each of us. But on this day of celebration, one can’t help to wonder how this holiday came to be. What is the history of All Hallows Eve?

The origins of Halloween date back to the 8th century. The modern-day holiday originated as All Saints Day declared by Pope Gregory the Third. He proclaimed that it was a day to honor the Saints that came before, to think and remember the bravery and sacrifice of those who have fallen. And thus it came to be. As time went on, the holiday was changed to incorporate Celtic Samhain traditions, to accommodate for the Celtic migrants that began to be present in European society. Those who participated in the Celtic holiday, Festival of Samhian, wore costumes to ward off spirits and believed that lighting a bonfire through the night would protect them from malevolent spirits. All Saints Day became a day of marrienment. 

All Saints Day then became All Hallows Eve and the once simple holiday of remembrance and honor became a day to celebrate the harvest and the successes of the fields. Christians in the 10th century introduced the day as All Souls Day. The holiday was declared on November 2nd and remained on that day. All Souls Day began to see traditions that are found in the modern time holiday season. In Ireland and England, the peasants and surfs, if given permission, would go to the richest houses around and would ask for Soul Cakes. Soul Cakes were small round spiced shortbread cakes. These cakes were considered a delicacy only to be eaten on the holiday of All Souls Day and were looked forward to by both rich and poor alike. In exchange, the surfs and peasants would promise to pray for the dead relatives’ souls of those from whom they received cake from. In the following years, ale, money, and food were then asked for in exchange for the prayers; ale was mainly given to adults. It then became known as Souling. 

In 1630, with the arrival of the first Protestants to America, so came the change of All Souls Day. The holiday was changed in respect for and among the protestants and the newfound fear of the Supernatural. In the 1600s, the fear of witchcraft and supernatural manners were feared and hunted. People began to fear the holiday in which it was believed that the veil between the malevolent spirits and the world was thinnest. To combat those fears and turn the holiday back into times of merriment, All Hallows Eve became a time of dressing up to ward against spirits and to bring up the spirit of those who participated in the holiday sweets were once again given to those who would dress up and go door to door. Not, unlike the current festivities of modern-day Halloween. 

Today, candy and costumes have lost the meaning and intent of scaring aware malicious spirits. Pop Culture, candy companies, and the entertainment industry have promoted the holiday as a day of spooky behavior and sugar highs. So far from the once sacred day of All Saints Day.

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About the Contributor
Caroline Martin
Caroline Martin, News Reporter
Driven, intelligent, passionate, and artistic are only a few words to describe Caroline Martin, a senior at Agua Fria High School and a News Reporter as part of the Owl Newsfeed Staff. Caroline is  17 years old, born November 15th, 2005. She has been attending Agua Fria all four years. Her favorite memories made at Agua Fria have been from being around teachers and peers as well as having a great homecoming week. Caroline has a lot of gratitude for Mr.Martin because he was her AP World  History  Teacher sophomore year. She is close with him, and the table group she was placed with. Caroline was able to confide in  Mr.Martin considering he is also her badminton coach. Caroline mentioned overall he has improved her high school experience. Speaking of Badminton; Caroline is in the first year on the exhibition team. She exclaimed that so far her favorite thing about being on the team is seeing her friend's excitement and how well they are doing. Caroline mentioned how proud she is of them. Before joining badminton,  Martin contributed heavily to the theater program at Agua Fria from freshman through Junior year. Caroline has been in multiple plays. Freshman year she played in  “Please Excuse My Zombies ” as the main character Casandra Casandra  Sophomore year she played “Little Shop of Horrors” as Miss Mushnik. Most recently she played  in “Almost Maine”  Junior year as the character Glory.  Last year she was going to play  Sandy from “Greece”  but this was canceled a week before opening night. One difficult thing about theater Caroline mentioned was that there is a great deal to remember. Various different roles play a part. A lot of behind-the-scenes things go into theater and that can cause some reluctance in students that did not entirely know what they were signing up for. Caroline ended up having to choose between badminton and theater regarding which one she wanted to pursue in her final year of high school. She mentioned that the difficulty in choosing was rather mild. In the process of figuring out who she is, the decision was made. She figured trying out a new sport would help with that. Her friends involvement also played a part in her decision, as they encouraged her to join. Though Caroline has been going to Agua Fria all four years she hasn't always lived here in Arizona. She was born here, moved to  New Mexico, then came back to Arizona. After that, she moved to Mississippi, Tennessee then finally back to Arizona. Caroline explained the reason she moved around so much was because her parents married rather young. They traveled a lot due to college and then job-oriented travel. Mostly moving around supporting the families' education, that includes Caroline and her younger brothers. Caroline has great memories of Mississippi when she was an only child, specifically memories of Christmas.  Martin's academic goal for herself is to remain well-prepared and do all that she can. Both of her parents have been employed in the education field, so education is very valuable in her family culture. When she was much younger her passions differed a little from what she likes now. Caroline loved princesses and when she was younger she had a cousin so she participated in (what?) that but didn't excel. So she ended up branching out and trying new things. What Martin wants to do fluctuates depending on what she is learning at the time or what intrigues her. Right now she'd like to know more, she says “before she settles down”. When questioned about how Caroline handles stress she mentioned that she tries to vent whether it's out loud, to herself. She also paints when she is tense. Her family handles stress differently. She exclaimed that they each have diverse personalities, they all have different creative outlets to deal with things, and they all find a way to regroup thoughts and emotions to limit stress. When asked what advice she has for underclassmen as a senior Caroline passionately responded “High school is only as scary as you make it.. those moments and activities, those are gonna be the highlights if you make them”.Martin is excited about graduation she says “The older you get the more ready you feel..but it also feels so short at the same time” There are some peers here at Agua Fria she's had classes with since middle school. Caroline is such an exceptional and well-rounded part of our Agua Fria Owl Newsfeed staff and our school community.

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