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Welcome Our Owls!!!
Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez
Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez

When being asked to describe a person most people would use the words kind, smart, caring, and hard-working but when having to describe Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez these words don’t come close to perfectly...

Photo credit: Caden Desoto
Caden Desoto
Lifestyle Reporter

This is Caden Desoto. He is a bright man with a bright future ahead of him. When he enters the room, you can feel his good vibes radiating off of him. He is a Junior at 16 years old, ready to take on the...

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Let’s Get Candy!!!

Photo credit: Leo

October may be over but let’s talk about our recaps!!! Many events take place in other schools that were due to Halloween, but Agua Fria’s event was astonishing and there are not enough words to describe it at all, so let’s go over parts of Trunk or Treat and Monster Mash. Monday, October 30th, Agua Fria High School had the chance to once again host our Halloween events consisting of food trunks, activities, a haunted house, and everyone’s favorite, candy!

Many good things were brought during this event, people who were in clubs got to decorate their cars head over to the student parking lot, and give out candy. A lot of families and a lot of our well-known teachers also came with their families to enjoy the Halloween spirit. So, why should more people volunteer? This is a great opportunity for people who are not able to go anywhere on Halloween night, to still have the chance to get candy and be a part of Agua Frias’ community. It all starts with our amazing STUCO coming on and collaborating with different clubs to make it all spark, as people moved on through the whole campus there were some amazing people with the best energy hosting and promoting their stands with their activities, such as pumpkin painting, slime making, portraits, bracelet making and even more!!!

Trunk or Treat all started by having all the school clubs assigned a number, decorated cars, and a lot of candy, Agua Fria’s clubs made it stand out on the night before Halloween. This was the event people looked forward to, being able to satisfy your sweet tooth with some Halloween trick-or-treating time, even a way to pass time, so don’t be afraid to bring your friends and family to upcoming events that will soon be talked about. 

Going to each car and putting your bag out ready to be given candy, and clubs made an unforgettable experience for the school and kids of Agua Fria. Going around the event, an Agua fria student, Adamari Salas says that she was “excited on seeing how cars were being decorated”, and continued to talk about how people were talking about the event days before it even happened, how amazing is that? Pretty amazing!!! I asked Adamari what was her point of view on how this event could help people come together, and her response was memorable for me, “Agua fría staff and students put in the effort to make these events happen, attending is a way to show your appreciation back towards them. Being supportive is the way to go!”, a lot of people have overall agreed with her and have said to make the school a better environment, showing up is the solution. This was the event people looked forward to, being able to satisfy your sweet tooth with some Halloween trick-or-treating time, even a way to pass time, so don’t be afraid to bring your friends and family to upcoming events that will soon be talked about.   

Photo Credit: Guy at trunk or treat

Monster Mash started at our courtyard which you could enter when going to the trunk or treating event, this all consisted of many fun activities previously mentioned as well as costume contests, pumpkin carving contests, a haunted house, face paint, food trucks, and even more games. Many prizes were available and many prizes were given away, that’s right, given away! Throughout the night there were calls for participants to be able to win sweets like pastries, the fun part about this was that even if you didn’t have money to pay for tickets, it was still fun to participate in events where money wasn’t needed. A lot of people had different opinions about this event but it all depending on the person and their point of view. Most of the people that were there mentioned that it was exciting and fun to be part of such a big event that brings the spooky spirit to all!!! So let’s focus on some of them, a student of Agua Fria and part of NHS, Isabella Fuentes “loved how welcoming the entrance of the trunk or treat was! The only thing I saw that needed improvement was the organization of the haunted house ticket booth, the lines would get mixed up. I got confused but I still was able to purchase a ticket and I had a lot of fun going through the Haunted House” as we can see comments that give pros and cons with improvement needs that help our school become a better place overall.

Agua Fria High School is a place of community where people should all be included in the amazing events our students and staff work for, next time stop by, you could be part of something huge!!!

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Zoe Perez, Opinion Editor
There are many students in Agua Fria but only one I've met that was incredibly passionate about wanting the world to be able to hear her. Someone who is insanely crazy about ranting how people should have the opportunities to learn about themselves, and not only themselves but their soul. A person that wants mental health to be known to every generation, who wants to explain to people everything about a human being. Zoe Perez is the person. Zoe Perez is a 14-year-old freshman and is an opinion reporter here in OwlFeed. As passionate as she is about life, she is very passionate about writing and is her reason for joining journalism and wishes to always be in it. She says that, “ I think writing is a way to express yourself, personally I could go on and on about topics and explain every detail. I want to be heard”.  Zoe has said she's been seen as an egotistical person, no not in a toxic or bad way for your own person, she explains that having an ego can help your image for the better, meaning that some people may not be okay with that and as much as she respects other people's opinions, she’ll argue how her definition is different.  She has a variety of interests and some of them being psychology, law, and philosophy. All of them play an important part in her life, her priority is getting the word about mental health out. Zoe says that, “ I think that when highschoolers talk about mental health it's mostly seen as normal teenager stuff, but it's never come up that it could be an actual problem or disorder, and when they actually find out it's harder to deal with.” Zoe is a person that would help you understand your true self. Along with studying the wonders of the mind, her future career is being a lawyer. If you asked her why she picked that, she would simply say “ people need lawyers.” As simple as that may be she loves wandering into new paths. She is a very interesting person to meet, she’ll talk for hours about how important academics can be or why chicken is better than red meat. Zoe is one of a kind, she is always excited to meet new people, she will fight for her word to get out there. She wants to help you see what life really is, and learn about it with new people

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