“The Explosions Are Over Here”

By Joshua Bakarich

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IMG_4876Ms. Doughty has been working at Agua Fria for two years as a chemistry. She loves being a teacher and enjoys every single minute of it. She loves helping students and being involved in their studies. She stays after every day to help students with their work. At a recent tutoring session, some students weren’t even there for chemistry. They needed help with calculus, so she helped them.

Ms. Doughty was born in California. She moved to Texas and went to Westlake High School. She grew up in a rich area in Texas and went to Rice University, where she studied to become a teacher. She loves writing but chose to teach chemistry because she loves how much detail goes into conducting experiments and learning the concepts.

After she graduated from Rice she moved to Arizona to teach. She also loves the weather IMG_4879here in AZ. It’s similar to Texas, except hotter.

Ms. Doughty says the reason why she teaches is because it’s the most rewarding job the exists. “The explosions are over here!” Ms. Doughty said when she was asked about what happens in the classroom.

She gets to be geeky and personal with her students. She also gets to be involved with all her students. She wants all her students to shoot high for their goals.

She also said that teaching requires a lot of work and time but it’s totally worth it. She loves dogs and libraries and she semi-likes cats.

Ms. Doughty cares for all her students and respects all of them. She hosts the SAGA club, which stands for Sexuality And Gender Acceptance. She welcomes everyone and is an amazing teacher. If you have the opportunity to take her chemistry class, you will learn all about science while doing awesome experiments and labs.