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Welcome Our Owls!!!
Photo credit: David Espinoza
Jay’vier Cook
News Reporter

Do you have a friend who is playful, funny, and sometimes even cocky around people? If not then meet Jay’vier! Jay’vier is a 16-year-old student in his Junior year of high school in Agua Fria. Jay’vier...

Photo credit: Ms. Fowler
David Reynaga
Lifestyle Reporter

Introverted, Gamer, and Lazy. These are three words David Reynaga used to describe himself. Coming from Los Angeles, California, 16 year old David is now a junior who has just recently arrived at Agua...

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The Ability of Dead by Daylight 34-20

Note: This is all based on the Author’s opinion
Photo Credit: David Reynaga

Dead by Daylight is a game where the killer must stop 4 survivors from completing 5 generators. If the 4 survivors manage to complete the 5 generators the exit gates get powered causing them to leave the trial aka the game. The survivors all play the same role, however, when it comes to killers, each killer plays a unique role within the game due to their ability. Some of the abilities change the aspect of the game entirely, and some not so much, so we’re gonna investigate and test out which killer’s ability changes the aspect of the game entirely.

34- The Skull Merchant: The Skull Merchant is just bad in a way and her ability doesn’t make up for anything. Her ability is just sending drones and detecting the survivor, which sounds good on paper but there’s a catch. Survivors can dodge the drone detection since it works like a lighthouse, and the survivors can simply press 4 buttons to disable the drones for 45 seconds. If it’s that easy to make a killer’s ability go away, then it should just make the game as normal as possible, especially with the hack.

33- The Trapper: The Trapper has the most basic power, which is just setting up bear traps. It sounds good for blocking loops and tricking survivors into falling for the traps until you realize his playstyle’s easy. Trapper spawns into the game with a limit of 2 traps and 6 additional traps all over the map, basically meaning that his power isn’t being fully used. You can also disarm the bear traps, which just make his traps pointless

32- The Nightmare: Freddy Krueger has a unique ability, making the survivors go into the dream world. If a survivor is in the dream world they get affected by the blood pools, which slows down survivors. The only issue about this is that after you wake up, it is caused by blowing up a generator, having someone wake you up, or an alarm clock. You no longer see the pools of blood causing half of his power to be pointless. The only reason he is higher on the list is that he can teleport to another generator, and it does not matter whether they’re in the dream world.

31- The Onryo: Onryo can teleport to any television that has the VHS in it, and whenever she teleports the survivors suffer from her curse. The other part of her ability is to go invisible to hit the killers. The invisibility is pointless since you still have an indicator of where she is and whether she is about to hit you. The curse part is pointless because all survivors have to do is transport the VHS to another T.V. that doesn’t have a VHS, and then the curse just goes away. The only reason it’s in 31 is because of the teleport, and that’s much of it.

30- The Clown: Clown has a very good ability, but can be easily countered as soon as you know it’s a clown. Clown can throw a yellow bottle which speeds him up, and throws a pink bottle which slows down survivors. It’s very good, however, as long as you just drop pallets or move away from the bottle throw. His speeding up is good, but the timer for the speed goes away in seconds which gives you possibly 0 distance depending on the survivor.

29- The Trickster: Trickster is by far the worst range killer, mostly because you need multiple hits to make a survivor lose a health state. His ability is throwing kunai at survivors, the only issue is that you need to hit 6 kunai to make the survivor lose a health state. Throwing 6 gives the survivor enough time to get away from the kunai and just juke all the kunai he has. The only reason he’s good is the fact that his kunai throwing is fast and it gives killers less time to react. The only bad part is that the throwing is pointless, and it’s better to hit them normally.

28- The Plague: Plague is another one of those killers that just take a long time to reach its full potential. She throws up on people until they reach full sickness, the full sickness takes so much vomit to reach maximum sickness. Then after full sickness, you are injured for the entire sickness, however, you can cleanse the sickness, and if you can cleanse your sickness you give the plague black vomit, which if the black vomit touches a survivor, can lower their health. It’s a low rank because some survivors just don’t cleanse and don’t give the killer full ability.

27- The Hag: The Hag is one of those killers whose power is good, but can easily be countered just by crouch walking. Her power is setting up teleporter traps, where if the survivor gets near they are greeted by a jumpscare Hag, and that fake Hag can turn into a real one if she chooses to teleport there. It is good, but yet again it can be easily countered if you just crouch walk, and if she places them on a loop, you can just go to the next loop and achieve distance

26- The Wraith: Wraith’s power is a bit of a stretch, but he is just simple when it comes to his hitting mechanics. His power is that he can go invisible and run fast, his invisibility can be visible, giving a predator-type cloaking, which still shows him. He can go after people fast, but the only issue is that after cloaking he just becomes a normal hit killer. His weakness is just looping him as soon as he is out of the cloak.

25- The Pig: It pains me to say this, but the Pig is kinda not good, mostly because it is very hard to kill someone with their ability. She puts a reverse bear trap on your head when you are down, and when you get unhooked after the bear trap you have unlimited time to take the bear trap off. As soon as a generator is done the timer starts and you have 2 minutes to take off the trap. You must search around 6 or 8 spiky cages to get the key. It is very simple, however, 2 minutes is enough time to just take off of the trap, and the only sole purpose it gives is it gives survivors time to waste instead of progressing the game. The pig also has a limit of 4 bear traps, which is understandable because the game could be an hour long if it was unlimited.

24-The Cannibal: Now onto the decent killers, Leatherface also known as the cannibal is a very decent killer. He can instantly take you down with his very cool chainsaw rush. His chainsaw rush is mostly meant for close quarters where you can instant down them. His traveling is not good from place to place, but it’s one of those killers that can change the aspect of the game depending on the amount of chases.

Photo Credit: David Reynaga
23- The Doctor: His ability is good, but nowadays he’s very easily counterable. He can shock people and the more he shocks the survivors they fall into the madness effect. The Madness falls into a 1-3 effect, Madness 1 is where barely anything happens, Madness 2 makes people see illusions of the doctor and would sometimes scream from time to time and make skill checks appear in random order then a straight skill check, Madness 3 is where you seem illusions and scream more often and your screen would turn static than the previous madness effects. He can see where the illusions pop up, meaning he can kinda know where a survivor is, and even the screams get their location. The effect is good however as soon as a survivor is in madness 3, they get the option to clear their mind. Clearing their mind makes them go back to madness 1. The illusions and screams happen way too fast, and The Doctor knows where they are, but does not have enough time to get there, since the screams and illusions go away after a few seconds. Also when he shocks people the survivors scream causing them to lose their actions like dropping or vaulting.

22- The Singularity: Singularity is one of those killers where teleporting ability is everything. He can set up cameras that shoot cameras at the survivors. If a survivor has a camera on them, the Killer can teleport to them and gain speed after the teleport. He’s a very decent killer, unfortunately, his bad side is that it can be countered with the survivor item emp which spawns if the killer is The Singularity. Besides that, he brings a lot of pressure into games and it ultimately changes all aspects if the power is being used frequently.

21-The Xenomorph: This is just a killer that also has a bad side to his power, but has an insane side on the other power. He can go through tunnels and can see survivor’s footsteps above the surface, his teleporting tunnel can only be entered by a technical station. The bad side to his power is the tail, where he can shoot his tail at a far range, but sadly he can be taken out of tail mode if he gets shot by the flamethrower which is another survivor killer item just like The Singularity.

20- The Twins: Twins are the most annoying, mostly due to the ability being overpowered and ultimately it’s easy to lose to her. Charlotte sends her baby twin Victor to go attack the survivors if Trevor successfully attacks a survivor Charlotte can get the survivor’s location. Trevor’s pounce attack also counts as a hit, which means Charlotte can just one-shot them. If Trevor misses he gets stunned and the survivor can kick Trevor while he is stunned. This is overpowered cause it can easily knock down survivors and Trevor runs fast, however, he is very easily countable, and try not to make your movement as predictable as possible.

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About the Contributor
David Reynaga
David Reynaga, Media Editor
When I met this man I was not expecting much(is this mean? lol) but I was truly blown away. David is a senior at Agua Fria High School and he has an electric personality that I was Astonished by. He is a returning student here for journalism and is excited about this year's class and hopes to pursue writing after he graduates! David’s biggest accomplishment in life so far is making it  to high school stating that he had “no hope” but thankfully he ??? and now I know what an amazing guy he is! David is also a huge fan of the Scream franchise and if he could be any character from a media franchise he would be the iconic Ghostface from the popular slasher franchise. He also said that he aspires to be like his brother Rogelio Jr. stating that,” He was the only one in my family that really understood him and that “He is a strong person”. David admires his teachers and they inspire him to do his best even when he doesn't believe in himself. His favorite song is “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley and he would perform at a sold-out stadium Perfectly. He also stated that if he could have a dream dinner it would be Mcdonalds' because it is “Cheap and affordable”.  I asked him a question that I like to ask new people I meet:” Do you think world peace is achievable?” His response was “Yes! I think it is achievable if we get everyone at one place and just connect everybody”. I found out that journalism happens to be his favorite class and that he has many roles in it. He stated, “I am an opinion reporter and a media editor. I was forced by someone to be a media editor but I'm not gonna say who…”. David also said that his dream job and passion was to be a writer stating, “It could be anything with writing as long as I put my mind into it.”. I asked David what his favorite piece that he has written and he said that his favorite piece was the “Scream Movie History 1996-2023. He stated, “It was awesome to make and it was one thousand words! It was just awesome to make and research the topic and I had to ask the teacher if I could even post it since it had over one thousand words!” One final thing I have to say about David is that he is a great guy and I am very excited to work with him in Journalism! I had a blast working with him and I hope to work with him in the future!

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