Meet Algebra Teacher Mr. Olsson

By: Kassi Simmons- OwlFeed

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Meet Drew Olsson, an Algebra I teacher here at Agua Fria who occasionally dabbles in history and baseball.

Not only is Mr. Olsson a math teacher, he also coaches our school’s JV baseball team. He coached the freshman team last season and helped build up the program with the new coaching staff last year. For more information on baseball this year, see Mr. Olsson in H4.

If you ever need help in your history class, look no further than Mr. Olsson (your history teacher works too). He majored in history in college and loves it.

When asked what it means to #BeAnOwl, Mr. Olsson talks about the amazing sense of community here at Agua Fria. “Students put aside their differences and work and exist together in a special way,” Mr. Olsson said.  

     Don’t only be friends with people with the same interests as you, try and mix it up. It’s about excelling, about community, and school pride,” Mr. Olsson added. Being an Owl isn’t just doing something for your benefit. It’s doing something for the reputation of our school and happiness of the other people that surround you as well.

If you ever get the pleasure of being in his class, expect to be challenged. “My class is meant for freshmen, but they come in understanding that I’m going to push them to be precise… and I really want them to understand why they’re doing the things they’re doing,” he said. Mr. Olsson’s class involves a lot of group work and “students teaching other students”.

According to Mr. Olsson, the key to success in a math class (and high school in general) is to “do your work on time, listen in class and…go to tutoring.” Freshmen: Mr. Olsson is here for your success! If you have a question or need help, ask! You get out of high school what you put in.

Being in Mr. Olsson’s class prepares you for the math classes you will take in high school and beyond. As one of his Advisory students, I can tell you honestly that being in his class not only makes you a better student, it makes you a better person.