Fight! — Think Before You Act


By Litzy Santana


Every year, fights happen at high schools. Many altercations happen with students. Later, the students who had been in a physical or verbal fight get in trouble and get disciplined for their actions. there are many ways to prevent fights.

An Article by the name of “Physical Fighting by Youth” at states: “In the past year the amount of fights in schools has decreased from 43% in 1991 to 25% in 2013”  Although it has decreased it still is a large amount.

There are many ways we could prevent fighting with others. We could talk to an adult about the problem and find a solution. That adult can be our counselor or any other person or professional who is able to give a reasonable solution.

Also before getting into an altercation with someone else, it is best to think of how this might affect the future. In a physical fight, either student can get badly hurt. If the fight gets out of hand, either student could end up needing medical attention. A life is more important than a problem that can be solved in many other ways.  

As a bystander it is best not to encourage the altercation. The students can resolve their own problems in a peaceful manner.

If you get into any type of altercation keep in mind there is always a chance to get expelled or get a suspension for a certain amount of time.  It can result up to a 20-day suspension. In that amount of time you can miss many days of school that might be important to pass your classes.

It’s also a bad idea to record a fight. As the video is posted on the internet and social media the video is viewed by many. This may encourage many to continue violence. Cyber bullying can also happen when a video is posted on the internet. The person who is least liked or taking the hits may be the one who will get cyber bullied.

Other consequences of recording a school’s fights is that the school will end up getting a bad record of fights. That will hurt the school image.

Next time if you have issues with someone, don’t let your first choice be a fight. Make sure you take your time and think before you act.