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Welcome Our Owls!!!
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Sam Rowles
News Reporter

As the class of 2026 enter Agua Fria, new personalities and people come into our campus. Many of these freshmen came into our Journalism class and made our class fun and thrilling. One person specifically...

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Darryl Taylor
Opinion Columnist

Darryl Alexander Taylor is one of the most athletic and smart people in Journalism that most people can relate to. He originally joined Journalism as another writing class like English because he loves...

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Have you Heard of Caitlin Clark?

3/3/03 Iowa vs Purdue
John Mac, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
John Mac
3/3/03 Iowa vs Purdue John Mac, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

College basketball is extremely competitive with every team competing to be the best of the best. A sixteen percent increase in women partaking in college sports makes the fact women’s basketball has not only become more popular but is receiving far more participation apparent. With that being said there’s always a chance for talent to shine through the many young women who strive to be the best at their sport. Caitlin Clark has blown many away and done just that!

Born in 2002 January 22  in Des Moines Iowa, Caitlin Clark age 22, has been circulating the internet from news to social media. But why? Caitlin Clark is an exceptional  American college basketball player. Clark plays for the Iowa Hawkeyes. The young basketball player is majoring in marketing while attending UofI (the University of Iowa). Before pursuing college basketball Clark attended DCHS(Dowling Catholic High School).

Clark has been playing basketball since age five an article written almost exactly a year ago featured on Hawk Fanatic states “There was the time when Clark was just five years old and playing in a boys’ league in Waukee when she stood up to a bully on the court, or it would be more accurate to say that she stood over a bully after having sent a message that she wasn’t one to mess with.”So it seems Caitlen has always been strong independent and ready to seize a win. Caitlin currently holds the title of arguably the best women’s college basketball player.

Caitlin Clark is without a doubt skilled and talented. One of her best games(One could say “her best”) as far as her scoring goes was a game against Michigan early last year! An article titled “What is Caitlin Clark’s highest scoring game?”  by Lindsay Schnell featured on  USA Today; states “In regular-season play, Clark scored 49 points vs. Michigan on Feb. 15, 2023. In the NCAA Tournament, Clark scored 41 points in back-to-back games vs. Louisville in the Elite Eight (March 26, 2023) and then vs. South Carolina in the Final Four (March 31, 2023).”

3/3/03 Iowa vs Purdue
John Mac, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (John Mac)

Below are a few of Caitlin Clark’s most up-to-date Stats :

Rebounds: 82 in 13 games, or 6.3 RPG

Assists: 111 in 13 games, or 8.5 apg

Steals: 16 in 13 games, or 1.2 SPG

While Caitlin Clark hits headlines with titles like “the greatest of all time” “best of the best” and others what effect do we know she’s having on other female basketball players if any effect at all?

Jersey Mitchell is a girls varsity basketball player at Agua Fria High School. Jersey loves making connections with her teammates. She expressed that the factor of being a part of the team is at the top of her list as far as her favorite things about basketball. Jersey has been playing the sport since elementary school and she played for the school since her freshman year(Jersey is now a Junior). After being asked what she would say to Caitlin Clark if she could meet her Mitchel responded” I would ask her; what drives her, what makes her keep pushing?” I’m sure we are all wondering what the answer to this question is, but for now, we can just allow her to inspire us.

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About the Contributor
Melea Gaskins
Melea Gaskins, News Reporter
If you are in search of a kind, energetic, charismatic, positive, and welcoming person, look no further than Mel. Mel is a junior who has spread her positive energy at Agua Fria for the past three years. Mel is also an Agua Fria cheerleader and loves that she is able to bring some cheer and spirit to our campus! She can be seen cheering at games, being the epitome of school spirit, and doing her part for the community through the JROTC program at school. Mel’s passions lie with the Agua Fria ROTC and has been working towards her dream of becoming a Traveling Journalist with an Officer rank in the U.S. Military. Mel dreams of combining the two by using her ROTC background to get up close and personal to the action and give the people accurate information. Mel came to Agua Fria with the intent of joining the JROTC program to help make her dreams come true. Mel is no stranger to dreams and knows what motivation she needs. Mel is motivated by her thoughts on her future and what she wants to achieve. She says “If I can see myself there, I can get myself there, I want to be there.” She understands the discipline it will take to get where she wants to be and the challenges that may arise, but that won’t stop her!  Cheerleading is another thing that sets Mel apart, here at Agua Fria. Mel joined freshman year right out of middle school. She tried out with the encouragement of friends and family and worked hard to make the JV team. Her nerves about the competitions and her skills slowly melted away as she became part of the team and happiness ensued. The adrenaline rushes, crowd response, and helping school spirit to spread makes it all worth it to Mel.  Some of the highlights of cheering have been the cheer camps in the summer when they learn stunts, and routines and the comradery of the team expands.  As much as she loves Agua Fria and enjoys her time at school, Mel firmly believes that summer is the best time of year. Nothing competes with the heat (even in Arizona), the freedom from homework, being with friends, swimming and her birthday all blend together to create the perfect season, in Mel’s opinion.  Nevertheless, Mel has high hopes for the current school year and even higher school spirit. 

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