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The Student News Site of Agua Fria High School


The Student News Site of Agua Fria High School


Welcome Our Owls!!!
Photo credit: Gavin Sanchez
Gavin Sanchez
Lifestyle Reporter

Here at Agua Fria, there are many types of students with so much to say. But rather than focusing on one person, let’s focus on first-year student Gavin Sanchez. As a fellow Agua Fria High School...

Photo credit: Ms. Fowler
David Reynaga
Lifestyle Reporter

Introverted, Gamer, and Lazy. These are three words David Reynaga used to describe himself. Coming from Los Angeles, California, 16 year old David is now a junior who has just recently arrived at Agua...

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Maybe All You Need Is Yourself

Taj Afzal
Life is the name for constant journey. There is nothing before or after the present moment. There is only one moment and this is now. Taj Afzal, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is melancholy when things don’t turn out how you wanted them to, but the truth is, it’s not anyone’s fault even if you want to settle on the fact that it’s the other person’s fault. After all, this is only one moment in you’re life, so why are you stuck in that same position?

Understandably, embarrassment might take over you and cause the absolute worst thoughts that are probably not even possible. A person can’t be the reason you stop trying or stop doing good things for yourself, if anything it should make you want to try harder to accomplish those things for yourself. It sounds harsh and it is heartbreaking, but you have to brush it off. Spending 90% of your life on events that aren’t worth it, will eventually take over you, that’s how all the issues are created, “trust issues”, “ attachment issues” etc, in reality, the best thing you can do for yourself when you don’t feel like yourself is faking it. “The phrase “fake it till you make it” can feel like a cliché, but there’s some value to this idea in the mental health field”, you probably hear this everywhere, and it is very real. 

You could sit around, watching romcoms and imagining what your life could’ve been like if it went your way, but the more you spend time imagining it and not trying, the longer it’ll take you to find something or someone that’s meant for you. Same with sad songs, sad songs about failed talking stages, failed crushes, and failed friendships, such good songs but such bad representations. Not saying you’re the only one who does it, but you could be the only one who gets stuck in the song and separates themselves from reality; Maybe it’s a comfort state, as much as those are healthy, they won’t always be, and as much as it hurts a human to hear the truth, it’s better than to be lied to. You are too full of life to be feeling sorry for yourself that 1 person in 8 billion people doesn’t feel the same way. If you could have so many emotions right now, imagine how many you can have when something amazing comes your way. All the things you could do at the right moment don’t rush anything because things aren’t meant to be rushed. Not every single thing is set in stone.

“Vampire Empire” is one of the songs that slowly came back up and made people sit down and think and it is such a raw song, that represents rage in any type of person. It shows both good and bad patterns, and the outcome of what happens when you fall back down into your old ways but that being put aside can also save you. “Vampire Empire’ is a good, hard look at the potentiality of being swept away by new love and the importance of not falling into pre-worn patterns” Maybe this song sounds weird to you, strange even, but truthfully it’s just the rage you feel when you realize your situation, sad songs alternate how you view your situation 

Sunset on Mars: Image taken by the Spirit rover in Gusev Crater.NASA/JPL/Texas A&M/Cornell, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Take the chance and take the risk to do things, many wish they had those moments of their life back, they wish that they’d done things sooner, or better, or when they were ready. Stop making excuses for yourself, no one is going to know you as well as you know yourself, not a man, not a woman, not an object, pet, teacher, or friend,

You need to ask yourself  “If I knew this would’ve been the outcome, would I still have done it? Or would I have done it differently” Think of the answer for a moment, hold it, and feel. “For some of us, standing up for ourselves doesn’t come naturally – in fact, it might even feel impossible”, you may want to follow the crowd, as a follower and even though there isn’t anything wrong with that, if you can’t express you can’t live. There isn’t a world where you can get away with not doing anything about whatever issue you have, but there also isn’t any moment in your life that’s going to go well if you don’t communicate. It’s hard but would you rather it be hard than regret not saying anything? You will eventually look back at this and laugh with the same person that was involved

If you aren’t yourself, who is going to be you? You either choose to learn things the hard way or unfortunately, you don’t learn them at all. 

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About the Contributor
Zoe Perez
Zoe Perez, Opinion Editor
If there's a person who you want to talk to about colleges and academics, then Zoe Perez is the right person for you! Interviewing and writing about Zoe Perez was an honor because of how straightforward and educated her answers were.  Zoe is a 15-year-old sophomore and she will be the Opinion Editor, Media Editor, Opinion Columnist, and Treasurer for this second year of her journalism journey. Last year, she was only an opinion writer. June 22, 2008, is her birthday meaning she has the zodiac sign of cancer.  She is the type of person who is going to be honest with you even if it means telling you what you may be doing wrong, despite that she describes herself as a very social person, she says “I am the type of person who is social and would come up to you to ask for your Instagram if I see you from afar and decide that if you seem friendly.”  She mentioned that she enjoys talking and giving advice about colleges, medical schools, or how to write an article while also wanting to help those students who need help with any classes in between Honors to AP. Zoe spoke about wanting to live in Washington D.C. after high school because Washington has the best medical school that she could think of. She says “ What motivates me to work hard is myself because I believe that even though taking Honors and AP classes may be hard, It will all be worth it when I become a radiologist, technician, or an Anesthesiologist”. Zoe Perez has an understanding of what she wants to be doing with her life. Zoe is very passionate about writing which brought her to be in journalism. She stated that she loved to inform people about what was going on, seeing different opinions, while giving people a fast and easy answer. Her love for journalism has brought her to meet new people and to be more active in the community when writing stories. She touched upon her interests like reading, writing, and psychology. Her favorite series book to read is called “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” where she describes the story as a girl who opens a close case and along the way finds something captivating. She remarked about why she enjoys the book saying.”It takes all the characters' points of view and I am amused by a good murder mystery book.”  Zoe introduced her love for psychology and said that she was from Trevor Browne High School and found out that Agua Fria had psychology as a class and so on went to this school now. She said, “I am obsessed with psychology and basically wrote most of my articles based on psychology, so I am technically an opinion editor with a psychology theme.” All of these circumstances in her life have brought her to be the person she is. So if you ever need a person to talk about academics, psychology, or even books then Zoe Perez is the person you’re going to be looking for!!!

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