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Welcome Our Owls!!!
Photo credit: Mushroom Ritchie
Mushroom Ritchie
Lifestyle Reporter

Mushroom Ritchie, a 15 year old sophomore in high school who has a love for drawing, video games, and anime. Her favorite thing to draw is animals, and mostly plays Roblox, Minecraft, and Omori. Some of...

Photo credit: Caden Desoto
Caden Desoto
Lifestyle Reporter

This is Caden Desoto. He is a bright man with a bright future ahead of him. When he enters the room, you can feel his good vibes radiating off of him. He is a Junior at 16 years old, ready to take on the...

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The Great Scarlet Evers

Ms. Kelly
Scarlet Evers with her friends

Just as the moon rises and stretches its sparkling luminescence over Earth’s surface, Scarlet Evers will as well as she enters the next stages of her life. With 12 years of school, Scarlet worked hard to become the person she is today with the help of friends, family, and mentors. As a senior at Agua Fria High School, she’s created some unique and memorable memories and friends that sprung joy in her life as well as others. “Committed, dreamer, and advocate,” are the words William Babyar would describe Scarlet. “She is there for those, she’s the voice for the voiceless, the one that wants to make sure that the others around her are heard.”

Pride and talent are just two of Scarlet’s many remarkable traits, elevating her character with natural artistry that captivates those around her. Encouraged by Babyar, who remarked, “You can be a director one day. You have that ability, you have that IT factor about you that says you can go far in this industry if this is what you want to do. You are special, you’re amazing,” 

Scarlet Evers in a dress

Scarlet embarked on a journey fueled by creativity, weaving her aspirations through film, writing, and voice. Although her initial dream of directing was rerouted into journalism, Scarlet found fulfillment in research, writing, and interviewing, paving a new path for herself

Reflecting on her high school years, Scarlet describes it as a ‘rollercoaster, surprising, and worthwhile’ journey. Despite facing stress and pressure, she persevered, guided by affirmations like “try my best, see what happens.”

Beyond personal achievements, Scarlet aspires to cultivate empathy and understanding for others, recognizing the importance of respect amidst life’s challenges. Described as attentive, big-hearted, and open-minded, Scarlet’s impact is evident in the words of her peers. Tony Martinez, her boyfriend, admires her beauty, uplifting spirit, and kindness, while her long time friend Hayley Battles praises her honesty, positivity, and infectious personality. “Scarlet is a very honest and open person and isn’t afraid to express herself in ways that make her feel comfortable. She has such a positive attitude that can bring so much joy into the room she is in. Her humor and personality clash perfectly, making her so much fun to be around.”

Throughout high school, Scarlet’s mastery of art shone brightly, earning awards and recognition. Babayar fondly recalls her bold step into leadership as a director, a moment that showcased her potential. Scarlet’s consistent success in film festivals and academic praise reflects her dedication and passion, reinforcing her sense of accomplishment. When asked about his proudest moment involving Scarlet, Babayar reflected, “I believe it was the day she stepped up to be the director for level one. It was a clarifying moment for me because I saw her potential. Scarlet boldly volunteered to lead the entire class of 25, taking charge with confidence, declaring, “I’m willing to run this show.”‘ This moment summarized Scarlet’s leadership and determination, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed her initiative.”

In the tapestry of Scarlet’s journey, her resilience, creativity, and compassion stand as pillars of her character,

Scarlet Evers with her friend

shaping her into an individual admired and celebrated by those fortunate enough to know her. When reflecting on her high school achievements, Scarlet shared, “I’ve consistently earned awards in film, particularly at the film festival. Each time, it’s been incredibly rewarding.” She expressed her joy in attending the festivals and highlighted moments where her teachers, like her AP literature instructor, praised her work on projects such as her analysis of Frankenstein. Scarlet finds immense fulfillment in receiving recognition and feedback, especially when it aligns with her passions, reinforcing her sense of accomplishment and dedication to her craft.

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About the Contributor
Nicole Jacobs
Nicole Jacobs, Lifestyle Reporter
Nicole Jacobs is a 17-year-old lifestyle reporter here in the Owl Feed Journalism Program at Agua Fria High School! Even though this might not be something she would want to be in her future, she is aware that this is a good start for whatever she decides to do! I asked Nicole what her favorite food was, and she stated, “ I love, I love the noodles and the spiciness it has when I am eating,” Nicole said when she spoke to me about her favorite food. She also does have various other favorite foods like sushi, and she also loves to drink apple juice and chocolate milk. Nicole has always had a passion for playing video games on her PC. She has also loved playing, “I love yelling at the kids who have something to say, it just adds fuel to the fire, it makes me excited cause I know I got something in my pocket to throw back at them. It’s a wonderful feeling, "Nicole also said.  She also has two siblings. She has a 26-year-old sister, and she also has an 18 year old sister, making Nicole the youngest. Although there can be things that make her really happy, there are also things that make her really angry. What makes Nicole really angry, or annoyed is when someone is speaking but they make it aware or obvious that they are not interested in keeping the conversation going. Another thing that gets her really annoyed is when she is listening to music and someone is trying to talk to her while she is listening to music because she really does enjoy listening to music. What gets her mad the most is when someone wakes her up really early, but who wouldn't be mad when someone wakes up really early? Of course, there may be some things that you hate, but you can never go wrong with loving something too. Nicole loves animals, Nicole has one dog but cats have always been her passion. She is looking forward to getting two cats, a black cat, and an orange cat. Even though she may be a really calm person there are some things that she fears, she has a fear of being deep in the ocean. If you did not know, this is a phobia called Thalassophobia. This phobia is when you are scared of being in deep waters. But, that does not mean that's stopping Nicole from feeling motivated into doing stuff! Nicole is different from others when it comes to being motivated. Some people get motivated by hearing good advice, Nicole starts to feel motivated when she sees someone younger than her being more successful. She did ask herself “Why are they more successful if they’re younger than. me”, she said. Nicole is originally from Arizona but her parents are originally from a different state and even from a different country. Her dad is originally from California, her mom was born on a military base in England. Her sisters are also originally from Arizona just like Nicole. Nicole loves going on vacations. One of her favorite vacations was visiting Georgia. When she goes to Georgia she does hang out with her older cousins and her sister in a small town in Georgia. While they are over there she did say “We meet up with friends and mess around “ Nicole said, she also stated that they ride on golf carts. And with all this here this was all about Nicole and who she is

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