The Student News Site of Agua Fria High School


The Student News Site of Agua Fria High School


The Student News Site of Agua Fria High School


Welcome Our Owls!!!
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David Reynaga
Lifestyle Reporter

Introverted, Gamer, and Lazy. These are three words David Reynaga used to describe himself. Coming from Los Angeles, California, 16 year old David is now a junior who has just recently arrived at Agua...

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Jay’vier Cook
News Reporter

Do you have a friend who is playful, funny, and sometimes even cocky around people? If not then meet Jay’vier! Jay’vier is a 16-year-old student in his Junior year of high school in Agua Fria. Jay’vier...

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Ali Cardenas: The Light at The End of The Tunnel

Ali Cardenas

If you attend Agua Fria then you know or have seen Ali Cardenas at least once in your time of attending the school. Ali has always found a way to stand out in a crowd or set herself apart from everyone else, whether that be her outfits, her humor, or her outlook on the world. She has left a lasting impact on the school and the people around her and with that, she will be taking her next step into her future.

Ali Cardenas has attended Agua Fria for most of her high school career and will soon be venturing off to college. “I plan on going to EMCC for the first two years to get my generals out of the way, and then I plan on transferring to ASU after I get my Associate’s Degree for general business or fashion design.”. Ali believes that a general business degree is a good resource to have especially if you want to start a business of your own. Along with that Ali has also shown her interest in fashion design because it’s a statement to the world and one of the best forms of expression you can have.

Looking back on her high school experience Ali has said one of the biggest highlights she has experienced was the bonds she has been able to create with people. “I’m big on friendships and connections, and so I think I’ve made with all my friends and I think that some of them will be lifetimes for sure.”. To Ali, the people who she has bonded with have left a lasting impact on her life that she will keep close to her heart and cherish for years to come, and because of those bonds Ali has been able to create lifelong memories to reminisce on on in the future. “I feel like this year, is like no other year I’ve had in high school it’s just been so fun, I was spontaneous I’ve tried new things, my senior year has been my most funniest year.”. Ali was able to find a new version of herself this year and looks back on all the memories and events that have led her to this moment. But with those high ups, Ali just like everyone else had faced some challenges thrown her way. “One of my biggest challenges was getting my priorities straight, and letting other people dictate the way I would do things and how I would move.”.

Compared to her freshman year Ali has grown like no other, from her freshman year being on the computer in her room because of COVID to now a social butterfly who is always willing to get involved in whatever activity you have planned. Ali believes she has grown not only socially but mentally and emotionally, changing everything from the way she carries herself, to her confidence, her work ethic and her attitude have changed with time. Seeing how much she has changed, Ali’s one piece of advice to freshmen coming into the new school year is “Don’t try and please anyone, like you are your own person and you need to find that, no one can tell you who you are and you have to find that on your own, be authentic because that is what will attract people compared to someone who tries to be fake or fit in, and don’t take every moment for granted”. In that heartfelt message, Ali wished she hadn’t taken her high school experience for granted because it had gone by so fast and wished she had stayed in the moment just a little bit longer. She is going to miss  her friend the most because of all the connections he has made with peers and teachers because in Ali’s words “I am just a big softy” and enjoys the moments she had with those people,

With the future coming so soon Ali’s thoughts on graduation and becoming an adult frightens her a bit, but believes change is scary but necessary for personal growth. “It’s all in God’s timing, and I’m just trusting God with it and I know he is going to do good things for my journey.”. In this journey, Ali’s ultimate goal is to become a model or influencer and put her name out in the fashion industry. To Ali modeling has already been a huge part of her life and stated “It’s something that has become natural to me, but the main goal is to model for big brands and get my name out there”. Besides modeling, Ali wants to be able to push herself to the best possible version of herself and doesn’t want to limit herself in any way possible.

Closing out the interview Ali was asked what advice she could give younger her and she said “Don’t let people destroy you, you are so giving and you are so sweet, but it is a good thing to learn and grow from those experiences.” Facing everything high school has through at her in the last four years she has shown strength and brilliance through it all. With the life long lasting impression Ali will be saying goodbye to the home of the last four years and will be moving on to a bright future chasing after the light at the end of the tunnel and achieving her dreams.


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About the Contributor
Aaliyah Villela
Aaliyah Villela, Sports Reporter
As school begins and the 2023 and 2024 school year start, there are many seniors that are all around campus. One senior in particular who is amazing to be around is Aaliyah Villela. Aaliyah is a force to be reckoned with. She is the student council secretary and she is now also the lifestyle section editor. Even though Aaliyah has some big responsibilities, she never lets the fun side of her down. Always finding the humor in things and making sure that everyone is having fun is what Aaliyah loves to do Being the last year of high school for Aaliyah, she is excited about what comes next. However, with the feeling of excitement comes a hard reality check that your years of being a teenager are over. “Honestly, I’m relieved but I’m also sad. I’m finally done with high school, but it also feels like freshman year COVID was a week ago.” Aaliyah’s freshman year of high school was during the pandemic and during the online learning mandates. “ It’s crazy to think about how I stared in my bedroom and now I’m almost done with high school in like one hundred and something days.” During Aaliyah’s years in high school, she has accomplished many things. However, one thing that she was proud of accomplishing was going out there talking to people, and making new friends. “Honestly one thing that I am proud of doing, is actually getting out there and talking to people. For example, in freshman year, I didn't talk to anyone. I maybe had 4 friends and they were from middle school. Now I’m a student body secretary, I talk to everyone, and people come and talk to me,” Aaliyah says, “ It’s really nice to just be out there.”  As the student body secretary, Aaliyah has a lot of responsibilities in that position. “ It’s interesting, Joining student council at first I definitely had impostor syndrome. I did not think I belonged whatsoever, especially because all my friends who were in student council at the time were there way longer than me. And then just being in there on the executive board is a little stressful, but also I’m just very proud of myself for how far I have come.” Throughout the many years of Aaliyah’s high school career, she has come to like and dislike a lot of her high school experiences. However, one of Aaliyah’s favorite memories in High School would have to be the Student Council state meeting. For those who don’t know, Sudnets councils around the whole state of Arizona get together for a weekend and represent their school spirit. “One favorite memory from high school would have to be last year, Student Council. We went to state and it was a three-day trip, where the Agua Fria student council rented an Airbnb.” Aaliyah said, “ It felt like a family, it honestly felt like a cliche family college experience, where you just bond with your friends. It was a lot of us cooking dinner together, hosting movie nights, and playing football in the backyard. It was just a lot of getting along together and being closer than ever.” The outside school life of Aaliyah Villela is hanging out with her close friends and just enjoying life. Though a lot of her time gets used up for student council events, she still finds ways to take care of herself and enjoy her life. “ My life used to revolve around my job, but then I quit. So now it’s a lot of just hanging out with my friends, partially STUCO. I like to thrift a lot, I love doing it with my friends. I don’t really do sports, well not anymore at least.” Miss Villela has a goal of becoming a sports presenter as her further career. “ I want to be a presenter for sports.” Aaliyah said with an adoring tone as she spoke, “ A big goal of mine when I was younger was to be known, as cliche as it sounds. That goal was just to be known, I want as many people as possible to know who I am and what I did in my life, and just be remembered by many people not just my family and friends. So it was always a big dream of mine to just be famous or be associated with someone. That is a really big thing, but also sports are a really big part and I would love to incorporate that with my goals in life.” A few facts about Aaliyah are that she loves the color dark blue because it reminds her of the night sky and space, she loves space. Her favorite season is fall, “It has a nice atmosphere and the colors are amazing.” Aaliyah states with a calm state of mind look on her face. “ Not to mention it has a favorite holiday… Halloween! It's just the vibe and the energy, it’s the best time of the year in my eyes.”   Aaliyah Villela is a girl with passion and grit. She knows what she wants to do and goes for it without hesitation. Known for being the Student Council secretary and an amazing person. In order for you to understand how much of an incredible person she is, you’re just going to have to meet her.

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