Super Tuesday Results

By: Alan Agundez Castillo

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Unknown-10Yesterday was Super Tuesday, one of the most important days in the presidential race, where a number of states held their primary elections. This day will pretty much show how the rest of the primaries will be .

Twelve states voted yesterday on Super Tuesday: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.


States That Voted Republican Results Democratic Results
Alabama 1.Trump      43.4%

2.Cruz         21.1%

3.Rubio       18.7%

1.Clinton        77.8%

2.Sanders      19.2%

Alaska 1.Cruz         36.4%

2.Trump      33.5%

3.Rubio        15.1%

Democratic Race for Alaska is on March 26,2016
Arkansas 1.Trump      32.8%

2.Cruz         30.5%

3.Rubio       24.9%

1.Clinton       66.3%

2.Sanders     29.7%

Colorado Republican Race for Colorado is scheduled for April 9, 2016 1.Sanders      58.9%

2.Clinton        40.4%

Georgia 1.Trump      38.8%

2.Rubio       24.4%

3.Cruz         23.6%

1.Clinton        71.6%

2.Sanders      28.2%

Massachusetts 1.Trump      49.3%

2.Kasich      18.0%

3.Rubio       17.9%

1.Clinton         50.1%

2.Sanders       48.7%

3.No prefrence    0.7%

Minnesota 1.Rubio       36.5%

2.Cruz         29.0%

3.Trump      21.3%

1.Sanders       61.6%

2.Clinton         38.4%

Oklahoma 1.Cruz          34.4%

2.Trump       28.3%

3.Rubio        26.0%

1.Sanders        51.9%

2.Clinton          41.5%

Tennessee 1.Trump         38.9%

2.Cruz            24.7%

3.Rubio          21.2%

1.Clinton          66.1%

2.Sanders        32.4%

Texas 1.Cruz            43.8%

2.Trump         26.7%

3.Rubio          17.7%

1.Clinton           65.2%

2.Sanders         33.2%

Vermont 1.Trump         32.7%

2.Kasich         30.4%

3.Rubio          19.3%

1.Sanders        86.1%

2.Clinton          13.6%

Virginia 1.Trump          34.7%

2.Rubio           31.9%

3.Cruz             16.9%

1.Clinton           64.3%

2.Sanders         35.2%

                             (All information is from CNN)


Now, even though it was Super Tuesday, a lot can change in the next few months. The Unknown-12primaries officially end in June and many things could change course. Many people in the beginning of this race never knew who Bernie Sanders was and look at him now. He is starting to catch up to the popularity of Hillary Clinton.

However, I can’t say who would officially become the candidate for the Democrats because it is a tight race even though the results show differently. Many people were surprised that Sanders won Oklahoma, but many people knew that Hillary would win a lot of southern states.

Most of those states have voted, so what could happen now? Would Bernie Sanders ct-bernie-sanders-ted-cruz-iowa-political-revolutions-20160201win the rest of the states? Who knows.

For the Republicans, Trump has won the most states, but he didn’t win Texas, which wasn’t a big surprise. Many knew that Cruz would win that state. A name that may not be familiar is John Kasich. I don’t know him that well, but he is waiting for the Ohio primary to see if he wins his home state. If he doesn’t win Ohio, it could be a huge blow to his campaign.

One name you probably didn’t see was Ben Carson. That’s because he’s likely to drop out of the race. He has not been doing so hot.

Arizona votes for it primaries is on March 22, 2016. Mark that date on your calendars for those that are voting. This presidential race will be one that will go down in history.