Meet Math Teacher Ms. Jones

Ashley Daley (@owlfeed_ashley)


Agua Fria High School has a great, original group of math teachers. New to the Agua Fria math department is Ms.Victoria Jones.

Greenway High School graduate and Arizona State University alumni, Ms. Jones is no stranger to the Arizona heat. But the heat of being a new teacher isn’t something she is worried about.

Ms. Jones explains that she got her first teaching job here at Agua Fria in an interesting way. “I actually dropped off a friend for an interview and there was a lot of things that I liked about the area and so I interviewed here [Agua Fria] and fell in love,” she said.

She spent a good portion of the summer preparing for not only her classes, but also to coach the Agua Fria Spiritline. To Ms. Jones, “A really big part of being an Owl is school spirit.” Of course the academics are important and her love for math defines who she is, but without school spirit, school is just school and there is no excitement.

“I really am invested in student athletics and student clubs and I think that if all of those things didn’t exist there would be no point,” Ms. Jones said. As a former ASU cheerleader, she really knows what school spirit is about (a good portion of the time, you will see her walking around repping her alma mater). There is no doubt that she will be totally invested in the football games.

“I like trying to make the kids like  [math],” said Ms. Jones, who teaches Algebra Extensions and geometry. Her goal is to change her students’ expectations of math. With a major in math education, nobody thinks that she will have a problem fitting right in to Agua Fria’s math department.  

Despite her “new teacher” label she is very excited about the upcoming year, and the best news for the math department is the lack of bad teachers amongst the Agua Fria staff.

Ms. Jones looks forward to the school year. Make sure to catch her at the upcoming sports, clubs, and school spirit events.