The American Dream Academy

By: Litzy Santana

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dreamEvery student of every age is capable of going to college and having big dreams. One of the Agua Fria moto is “Every student, college and career ready.”

Agua Fria is extending its reach. As a school, it is giving an opportunity to several students and to their parents to learn more about how to get into college. They are joining forces with Arizona State University and giving students as well as parents courses on how to achieve their maximum academic potential. The program is called the American Dream Academy.

Every Thursday from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm they meet at A3. Every class starts off with the representative introducing themselves. They will later start teaching everyone what about their child’s path to success.

Mr. Luedemann is a supporter of the program. He attended the first meeting and was willing to answer any questions the parents and students might have about the program.

For the next several weeks, parents as well as students will attend an eight-week course on how parents can be more involved in their child’s education in high school.

Thursday, March 31, parents and children were asked to attend an introductory meeting and learn more about the program.

The ASU representative asked the parents what they wanted their children to be as they got old. Every parent agreed that they wanted their child to have a good job and be able to go to college.

The representative gave a task to each parent to make sure their children had talked to their counselor to make sure they had the classes they need to graduate.

The parents are going to attend each class and at the end be able to receive a diploma stating they attended the meetings.

All parents and students will be volunteering their time to this program. Attendance is not mandatory but the representatives do encourage all the parents and students volunteering to please attend. This program is very informative and will help guide the students.

At the end of the course, the parents will be more informed about how to help each student get into college. And the program that is available will guide them and help them learn more about college out of class.