What Is A Brokered Convention?

By Alan Agundez Castillo

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Unknown-21Now, if you have been caught up with the political news, you have probably heard of something called a brokered convention. To begin, what the heck is a brokered convention? This is going to get complicated probably so hang onto your seats.

A brokered convention is when no candidates have reached the majority number of delegates to automatically become the presidential candidate for their specific party.  To be clear, a brokered convention is pretty rare in a presidential election. The last time their was a brokered convention in the Democratic party was in 1948. That’s right, it has been 68 years since the last brokered convention.

We can now begin what with a brokered convention is. This type of convention is when no candidate has reached the magic number of delegates that was mentioned before. Once this happens, the party that has this convention, Republican or Democratic, will do some sort of voting again with delegates all over again. It is kind of like doing the primary all over again in a two week period. They will also figure out who will be the most succesful candidate in the general election.

images-7Literally, all the rules are broken when this thing happens. It is only politicians that are involved in this process. Now you might think that this would be an easy and simple process, but you’re wrong. This election year is already complicated, just imagine what it would be like if it happens, especially with the Republican party where it is most likely to happen.

The Republican party is already split up in a bad way, so if a brokered convention happens this year, all hell would break loose. Just saying.

And what does it mean for the Republican party? Donald Trump won’t become the nominee. That is for sure and certain. But will any current Republican candidate have a good chance of becoming president against whoever the Democratic nominee is, which will be announced two weeks later?

This year is for sure going to be very interesting for the political world and the United States of America. I guess we have to wait and see what happens next.