Meet Algebra Teacher Mr. Haubenstricker


By: Morgan Weeg – OwlFeed

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The math department has many wonderful teachers and Mr. Andrew Haubenstricker is one of them. Mr. Haubenstricker is currently teaching Algebra IB and Algebra II in the 2015-2016 school year.

Mr. Haubenstricker attended Central Michigan University where he studied education. His favorite courses in college were the ones where he learned skills to become a better teacher in the classroom. He disliked the classes that were curriculum based because he felt he already had those skills. The teaching courses were different and more challenging.

When asked why he became a teacher, Mr. Haubenstricker said: “I like being with people, and I think I am a people person, and sometimes I get frustrated when I see people giving up or getting down on themselves and need a little extra help.”. He is fullfilled when he sees the “lightbulb” go off in a student’s head.

Mr. Haubenstricker accepts the challenge of teaching students who have multiple levels of ability He is focusing on making sure every student is on the same page. “I think I’m taking way more time this time to making sure everyone is on the bus and no one got left behind at the stop,” Mr. Haubenstricker said.

He is proud of how he has a established a comfortable setting in his classroom and good relationships among him and his students. “After seven days I feel extremely comfortable around my students and I think they feel comfortable. They are coming up to me when they have problems or need help,” he said.

When asked what he thought it means to be an owl, Mr. Haubenstricker felt that means that there is support and unity among staff and students, and that there is no one isolated out of the group. He made it clear that the students’ respect towards teachers and other classmates is what it means to be an Owl.