Meet our new math teacher Ms. Jeffers.

By Treasure Byers — Owl Feed

Twitter — @OwlFeedTreasure

If this isn’t your first year at Agua Fria, you know that there are a lot of new teachers on campus this year — especially math teachers.

Ms. Jeffers happens to be one of our newest teachers. She teaches Algebra IA as well as Algebra Extensions. She remained in her hometown of New York for college and attended State University of New York Old Westbury, where she later graduated in 2012.

Ms. Jeffers (like many of us students) struggled in math as a teenager. So, she decided to become a math teacher so she can help others, as well as herself, understand the concepts better.

“I had cool teachers that inspired me to be a good student, so I want to be a cool teacher as well,Ms. Jeffers said. She hopes to help students by explaining things so that they are “easily understandable.”

Ms. Jeffers said that she appreciates the diversity of math and how it “is in everything… even music, art, and food.”

According to Ms. Jeffers, to #BeAnOwl, you must act with determination and strength. Like an owl, you must be wise to deal with the challenges the future will throw at you.

So far, Ms. Jeffers has had an amazing experience here at Agua Fria, so let’s continue to make her time here special.