Ranting about the President

By Miranda Cavada

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ObamaI am glad to dedicate my last political rant to President Barack Obama. He is not only our country’s president, he is also the leader of the free world and all things capitalist. No wonder why people as illogical as Donald Trump who have little to no political experience are running for president; but this rant isn’t about Donald Trump, this one’s all about the Prez.

Barack H. Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, attended Harvard Law School for college, and eventually married the future first lady Michelle Obama in 1992. He set a major milestone for American politics when he won the 2008 election and became the first African-American president. Obama won the election once again in 2012, and after we choose our next president later this fall, he will finish his eight years in office with the dedication and pride he started with.

He might’ve had a ton of life accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean he was the greatest president in history. In fact, most people (Republicans especially) despised him and his presidency. This was mainly due to the fact that the U.S.’s economy was left in ruins after George W. Bush finished his term. Though Obama partly fixed this later, he didn’t do a very great job. Many people thought he wasn’t very qualified to become a president and the only reason he won was because he was black. This explains why he was a very hated president. The one thing that ticks me off the most is the racism he endured. A vast majority of angry Republicans chose his race, out of all things, to critique him instead of using valid arguments. They labeled him a Muslim terrorist just because his middle name is Hussein, which proves nothing whatsoever.

Of course, Obama has achieved a lot during his time as our president. I praise the fact that while he was in office, the Supreme Court made the ultimate decision to legalize gay marriage for all 50 states. That day went down in history for all of us. Possibly his greatest accomplishment was when he ended the War on Iraq. The First Lady has done a lot for the country as well, especially when it came to combating childhood obesity. She strived to make school lunches healthier and encouraged young children to exercise more often.

If that isn’t a successful presidency, I don’t know what is.