Opinion: Add A Third Lunch @AFHS

By: Gretchen Hosking

With the new school year came the new schedule, but there’s still a flaw with the schedule. The flaw is the lunches. Since there are only two lunches, A lunch and B lunch, it means that each lunch is crowded which causes a few problems which need to be solved.

The first problem with the lunches being crowded is that there isn’t enough seats for everyone. This year is different compared to last year since there are tables underneath the library, but it hasn’t been enough to solve the situation.

lunchspread4cUsually we want to sit with our friends at lunch, but it’s hard to do when there aren’t enough seats for everyone. When all the tables are taken, students are forced to either sit on the ground or at a bench with no table.

During the winter, it’s not too bad when there aren’t any seats in the shade. However, during the summer it gets warmer, so it’s uncomfortable to sit out in the sun at lunch.

Another problem with the crowded lunches is the amount of time people waste standing in the lunch lines. By the time students at the back of the line get their lunch, it’s time to go back to class. This makes it hard for students to eat their lunch.

There is a solution to this dilemma: three lunches. If Agua Fria had three lunch periods, it would make each lunch less crowded, giving students more time to eat and relax with friends. They wouldn’t have to worry about seating or wasting their time standing in the lunch line.

I asked Hayley Marshall, a sophomore that goes to Agua Fria, her opinion on having a third lunch period. She agreed on having a third lunch period. “It makes it easier on kids to get their lunches and eat instead of spending their time waiting in line,” Hayley said.

Brieana Hollis, another sophomore at Agua Fria, also agreed that three lunch periods would be a good thing. She said it would be easier for the kids who are last in line to get their lunches and eat instead of waiting in a line.

If we had three lunch periods, it wouldn’t just benefit the students, but the school as a whole. When students attend class on a full stomach, they can better concentrate in class and not get distracted by feeling hungry.