OPINION: The Hybrid Schedule Puts Too Much Stress on Students

By: Ronaldo Covarrubias
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Agua Fria High School District kicked off the new hybrid schedule in 2016, which consists of 6 classes per semester, rather than the 4 period block schedule. This new order is meant to increase instructional time in areas of Math, English and Science to prepare students for higher education.

However, many students including myself, feel that this new schedule is complete bunk. I mean who would want to go to six classes in one day while trying to manage the time you have out of school? Most students at Agua Fria have priorities out of school to take care of and giving them extra classes is not convenient.

Not to mentiontoo-much-homework-520-jpg__800x600_q85_crop the amount of homework students will receive that could interfere with jobs and extracurricular activities. Personally, I think this new initiative is compromising to our grades because we would get a larger quantity of work, affecting our daily lives by putting more weight on our shoulders. Furthermore, this could also affect students by creating mental stress where none should be, creating negative social behaviors.

In another perspective, it could also sabotage the future of upperclassmen who are missing credits and are trying to graduate because of the fact that a student is earning fewer credits per year versus a 4 block schedule. For those who don’t know, even though there is more classes per semester you still earn less credits over the course of a year because they are worth half a credit. So basically, you’ll earn 6 credits per year if you pass all your classes, versus the old 8 credits per year. To expand, students who are struggling with credits will now be at greater risk of not being able to graduate.

When compared with the pros, it is simply outweighed by the cons, which goes to show the undermining initiative our superiors are placing upon us as a result of negligence. This new schedule is bogus and I completely disagree with it. It may have been constructed with the best intentions but it will have terrible outcomes.