Agua Fria Gets a New Makeover

By: Tess Morrow – OwlFeed

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There are some new additions to the Agua Fria campus! One part of our campus has been renovated to its former glory, looking exactly as it did 60 years ago, while others have been upgraded.

The “Old Gym” has been completely restored. Its wooden floors and bleachers are restored and ready to be used by sports teams here at Agua Fria. They also renovated the bathrooms in the gym, as well as those in the cafeteria.

The football locker rooms have been fully renovated for the football players. They look amazing, as the photos show. Air conditioning has also been added to the locker room as well as stalls.IMG_0850

The sinks in the locker room also got a much needed upgrade. “They’ve been leaking for 19 years,” said Mr. Ridenour, Agua Fria’s athletics director. Our football teams definitely deserved the upgrade.

New shades were also installed above the outside lunch tables, giving students some shade to escape the  summer heat. The old coverage that was replaced was moved to the entrance of the football field, giving a grand entrance for the football players.  This was “making the old work again,” Mr. Ridenour said.

Lastly the fields were leveled for the sports teams. All of these renovations and changes took all summer, and were well worth the wait.

“I didn’t want to lose what it was, I wanted to keep it authentic,” said Mr. Ridenour when asked why they decided to restore these locations rather than upgrading them or changing the style.

Overall, students and staff are very grateful for the renovations that were made at Agua Fria, and are excited for more. The next project planned is going to be relabeling all of the classrooms.