OPINION: High School is Huge Change From Middle School

By: Taija Franklin
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I’m a freshman at Agua Fria High School so I’m barely coming out of the school I was at before, which was Avondale Middle School. There are so many changes that I have noticed between the grades, from the teaching curriculum, the schools, the students and the extracurricular activities between the two schools.

imageThe teaching curriculum is of course going to be different between high school than in middle school. In middle school we only had the primary classes; science, English, history, and math. In high school we still have those but there’s elective classes we can actually pick ourselves that aren’t required, like art, journalism, theater and more.

The main core academic courses that we have to take in high school and in middle school are taught differently because of high school being higher grades, it’s more advanced and more in depth of whatever subject we are learning.

 The extracurricular activities are also another thing I have noticed being different between the two grades. Middle school has the basic sports like basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, flag football, cheer, volleyball and track. High school they’re also those same sports but more choices to pick from. There’s also swimming, golf, badminton, and wrestling.

The other extracurricular activities are clubs. There are multiple clubs you can choose to join in high school. When in middle school we didn’t really have any clubs.

The students around the school are different and all the ages between the grades in middle school and high school. In middle school the ages where the students are all trying to find who they are; that’s why groups start, dating at a young age, and drama begins.

Middle school is where the most drama is especially between girls, everyone thinks they have to dress and act a certain way. It’s where kids don’t really know what is right or wrong and doesn’t see the consequences that could happen. That’s why everyone is very judgemental in those ages being in middle school. High school is where everyone is starting to grow up and realize what to do and not to do. I have noticed, people being way nicer in high school than in middle school and everyone is starting to become more mature.

The two schools are completely different. High school there are way more events that happen like pep rallies, school parades, spirit weeks and more. Middle school there’s not really anything that goes on that made me excited about it. I mean we had field trips but that’s about it.

Middle school just helps you get ready for high school. High school is the place where your future begins. You learn about yourself more and find out who you really are. There are way more opportunities you can do here in high school than in middle school.

 I’m very excited about all the new things I’m going to be learning, new people I’m going to meet and all the opportunities that are going to come my way in high school. I feel like this is a new step in my life I’m never going to forget and at the end I will miss it.