No Job Too Small for New Principal Ernest Molina

By: Clinton Barney
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Meet our new principal, Mr. Ernest Molina: a man that loves his home, a loyal leader and a believer in the power of student potential.

molina_lucasOur new principal is already loving the school that he just recently adopted, as well as the staff and students that consist of it. Mr Molina said that he loves Agua Fria more than any of the previous schools he’s worked at. He also labeled himself as a “home guy.”

Mr. Molina loves his position as the leader of our school. When I asked him why he goes around the cafeteria courtyard with a garbage can during lunch hours, he said, “As a leader, if I’m not willing to do any job, then I’m not really fit to be [one].”

He enjoys working in the Agua Fria vicinity. He believes that the district, the students and the teachers are all “amazing.” According to the man himself, Mr Molina and the staff have great conversations about ways to improve our school and education levels. He told me that he loves the staff and thinks they are great, even if they don’t believe they are great enough.

He loves interacting with the students and is always trying to let them know that he will always be there for them. His new “duty” cleaning up the campus and the friendly conversations with the students are examples of what he does and enjoys to do on a daily basis.

He also respects Agua Fria’s tradition very much. When asked about how he feels about Agua Fria’s former principals, his response was that they “passed a legacy” onto him, which he honors and hopes to improve upon.

One thing Mr. Molina loves more than Agua Fria and the district, is the power of student potential. He talked about this subject the most, for almost half of the interview. One would think that he created Extended Opportunity courses himself, because of how much he enjoys the concept of it, as well as the impact it is predicted to have on students. He believes that the Thursday exclusive four-week courses are a great opportunity for students to find their true potential outside of their normal classes.

When asked what it means to #BeAnOwl, he replied, “Being an Owl means accepting and thriving in the struggle.  I do not live for only the ‘winning,’ but rather the journey and the struggle to serve the Agua Fria community… I cherish the experience of working side by side [with all of] the difference makers here. It’s great to be an Owl.”