Mrs. Eissner – Career Specialist

By: Oumou Bah

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Get to know our College and Career Ready teacher Mrs. Eissner, whose bright attitude and welcoming mood invites you in to learn about what your future can become.

Mrs. Eissner’s purpose as the College and Career Ready teacher is to help students apply to colleges, scholarships, and the armed forces. She does research for students, plans field trips, and hosts virtual college tours. Overall, Mrs.Eissner serves as a compass to guide students towards the path they wish to choose or be the mentor to aid students in figuring out what they want in life.

Snapchat-6450114936367096570-1For the past three years, Mrs. Eissner has reached out specifically seniors or juniors, but this year her goal is to reach out to each class, starting from 9th all the way to 12th grader. In order to do this, she plans to join our guidance department during their classroom visits to let students know how she operates and let them know that they can only benefit from her help.

As for her game plan this year, Mrs. Eissner hopes that more students will “utilize the space” she offers up in the library more often. Furthermore, she aspires to create a club that will not only focus on being college ready, but being life prepared as well.

For example, Mrs. Eissner desires to use her previous knowledge from banking to teach students how to do finances and taxes because those qualities are essential to growing up and being independent. Once the club is set up, the meetings will be held every Wednesday and are open to anybody.

During the time of the interview, Mrs. Eissner was helping students who were working on searching for and writing scholarships, and enjoying the aid and comfort of Mrs. Eissner’s  presence.

With every interruption that came during the interview, Mrs. Eissner answered the students questions with confidence and support to match her comforting tone. By the end it was obvious that the students present felt like they mattered in the eyes of Mrs. Eissner and that she was there to help them achieve their goals.

Without a doubt, Mrs. Eissner wants the best for students. “I am very passionate about helping students, truly, otherwise I wouldn’t be here,” she said.

And if you think that she would not be welcoming or delighted to see you, think again. “When someone comes in here, I want them to feel like they belong here for sure,” Mrs. Eissner said.