Is Donald Trump throwing the election for Hillary Clinton?

By: Megan Wood and Kamille Sullivan
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Face it, everyone knows what’s happening this election, even if you don’t know much about politics you still know about this election. But is this election as real as it seems?

People are starting to take notice that maybe Donald Trump is saying those controversial topics so people switch over to Hillary Clinton’s side. But why would he do that?

imagesWell, first off, Donald just randomly decided to join the race and he has had no political experience. Also, according to The Hill, “For many years Trump has heaped high praise on both Bill and Hillary Clinton throughout their tenures at every major office they have held since the 1992 campaign.” So it would make sense why he would help her since it would help him get bigger and throw more attention to him.

Lastly, The Hill also asked: “Would a billionaire candidate who wants to win the presidency deliberately fail to substantially increase television ad buys, fail to open a flood of campaign offices to build an effective ground game, refuse to self-finance his campaign as he promised, and escalate his extremism on immigration in a way that further destroys his ability to widen his support and could alienate Hispanic voters from Republicans for a generation?”

Then again maybe that is how it started out and now Trump wants to win. That would explain how vicious Clinton has gotten in her campaign ads. During the debate there was some tension that seemingly wasn’t about the debate. Also, Trump was always interrupting Clinton so if he was throwing the election why would he not let her get a word out? It doesn’t add up, something is definitely going on.

So is this theory true? We say possibly. There’s no official yes or no considering every aspect of this story. We will continue to look for more information as the election gets closer.