Meet our new Multimedia Journalist – Ashley Daley


Hey, my name is Ashley Daley! I am a senior at Agua Fria High School in the journalism program here. This is my fourth year at Agua Fria and I have lived in Arizona my entire life with my family.

I am a cheerleader and have been for 10 of my 17 years. I mainly cheered at a private gym called Arizona All-star. Three years of intense training as an All-star cheerleader really helped me to focus on my goals and what I hope to get out of all my hard work.

In addition to  cheer I also played volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, tennis, and badminton, all of which I really enjoyed. I love team sports and always having someone to cheer you on and keep you up and going (hence being a cheerleader).

I spent junior year focusing on school, cheer and yearbook. Yearbook is and was a great experience that really taught me how to put out the best product possible for the entire school to see. Ms. Phillips and Mrs. Cole really encouraged me to do what I love, which is a good portion of why I decided this new journalism program would be right for me.

I have always loved photography and writing. I hope to get into San Diego State University (or anywhere in San Diego, Calif., really) to study journalism or photojournalism with a possible minor in photography. Phoenix is my home, but California is my home away from home.

This journalism program will really give me the insight I want for my future. I plan on utilizing every opportunity I have and enjoying my senior year as much as possible.

Ashley Daley (@owlfeed_ashley)