School Annoyances: Lunch Room Doors

By: Jennifer Perez
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Lunch is probably the best part of the day in my opinion. I know many students complain about school lunch, but I happen to be a part of the rare few who enjoy it. Something I don’t enjoy about lunch is the doors issue.

img_1483Going into the lunchroom, there is only one set of doors that open. The rest of the doors remain locked from the outside. With this being so, you still see certain people try and open these locked doors or constantly knock on them for other people to open them from the inside.

This is extremely annoying to see. There is clearly a reason why only one set of doors open from the outside; it’s because that’s supposed to be the only entrance. Do they need to label the doors “exit only” or “enter only” for people to understand this?

The main problem I see with this entering through the exit door situation is it’s causing a problem for the people trying to get out of the lunch room. The people trying to get inside are blocking the exits for the people who already have their lunch. The people without their lunch are also causing the people with their lunches already to lose their table.

It’s irritating and it needs to stop, but it’s going to take effort to bring this to a halt. So contribute to the good cause and don’t hold the exit door open for people who aren’t leaving the cafeteria, and don’t open the exit door for people who knock to get inside, and don’t enter through the exit doors.