Meet Math Teacher Ms. Williams

By: Alan Agundez Castillo  

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Teachers are the most helpful people that you will ever meet, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to complete our goals of being successful. One of these wonderful teachers, Ms. Williams, was interviewed to see why she chose to be a math teacher.                 

When it was time to interview Ms. Williams, she was in her class tutoring 10 students that needed help. She was very helpful, and was tutoring a student step by step, giving the student the attention that they needed.  

WilliamsMs. Williams graduated from Northern Arizona University. She got a bachelor’s degree in secondary math education and a master’s in teaching mathematics .

She has been teaching math for 14 years, including three at Agua Fria. Her main goals for her students are for them to pass College Algebra, graduate high school, and to succeed in the future. Ms. Williams has set up a goal for herself to let her students become more involved with their education.

Ms. Williams enjoys math, and interacting with her students while bringing them knowledge. “I really enjoy math, and working with students,” Ms. Williams said. “Bringing them knowledge, and seeing their reactions when they understand something is priceless.”

One of the other questions that I asked her was, “What makes your job worthwhile?” She said that summer vacation is the best (of course it is!!), but she also said that it is rewarding when a hardworking student puts their best effort forward and says, “Oh, I finally get it,” when they didn’t understand it before.

When asked about what it means to #BeAnOwl she said: “First of all, I’m too old to use hashtags, but the statement Be An Owl means be a good, hard-working citizen, and to be somebody that we would be proud to have as a student in Agua Fria.”