Quote of the Week: David Levithan

By: Angela Macias
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“I instantly feel like the world has turned to glass. Every moment is delicate. Every moment is a risk.”

        -David Levithan, “Every Day”

every-day-david-levithanThis quote is from a book by david levithan, a book about a soul with no body, a soul that travels to a different body of someone else every day. Every day a different life, a different place, a different person.

The soul, whose name is A, lives life day by day, never doing anything exciting. Didn’t want to harm the body in any way. A just lived a simple, safe life. Never has been able to love or care for someone because there was never enough time to. There were only twenty-four hours in a day.

Until one day, A meets a girl, a girl named Rhiannon. A falls in love soon after, and tries everything to be with her. It’s a constant struggle, waking up to become someone else. In this book, love is the main idea. The idea that love changes you even when you are constantly changing every day, this change is much different. This change is much bigger than what people see. This book is called “Every Day” by David Levithan.