Dress Code is Here For a Reason

By: Treasure Byers and Kassi Simmons

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The Agua Fria Student Handbook states the following about dress code:

“Student dress, personal appearance, and conduct must be such that it will not disrupt or distract from the instructional procedure of the school. Student dress and grooming shall be such that they they meet reasonable safety, health, and decency standards, and will not tend to diminish the disciplinary control of the teacher or administrator. Examples of unacceptable clothing and appearance include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Bare midriffs, shoulders and backs (including halters, tube tops, and spaghetti straps)
  2. See-through blouses and shirts
  3. Cleavage showing and buttocks exposed
  4. Underwear displayed: Pants need to be worn at the waist. Sagging is not permitted.
  5. Lewd, obscene, or suggestive clothing (including shirts with silhouettes), T-shirts that display illegal activities or violence.
  6. Jewelry, clothing, hats and/or tattoos that display an illegal substance, gang affiliation or symbols associated with hate groups or violence.
  7. Hoods, hats, doo rags, caps, hairnets, headgear, skullcaps, bandanas or sunglasses.
  8. Shorts/skirts which are of an appropriate length
  9. Pajamas, loungewear, and slippers
  10. Clothing/attire that disrupts school activities”

Now let’s break that down.

Boys, wear your pants at your hips. Use a belt if you need to.images

To both genders, leave your marijuana socks, shirts, and hats at home. You can always wear them there.

Ladies, be slightly modest. If your stomach, cleavage, and ‘buttocks’ is covered, you should be good to go. Keep your clothing at an appropriate length.  

Now I know a lot of you think this is unreasonable but let me ask you this; would you show up to a job interview wearing jeans and a T-shirt?

No, you wouldn’t. You’d want to proffesional.

Similarly, when you play a sport you have certain things you’re supposed to wear like cleats and jerseys.

You wouldn’t show up to your basketball game and expect to play while you’re wearing cleats.

Everything has a dress code of some sort that you have to follow, whether you agree with it or not dress code is here to make sure that every student can learn to the best of their abilities.

Students, please follow the dress code! You can wear whatever you want to at home but if you think it is inappropriate for a “professional learning environment” then save that outfit for later.