Two Persepectives on the Second Presidential Debate

By: Lauren Mitchell and Ronaldo Covarrubias
@lauren_Owlfeed and @RonDogg_OwlFeed

Two OwlFeed writers give their thoughts on the second presidential debate. Lauren Mitchell gives you the recap:

In the 2nd presidential debate, things got brutal with new information since the last debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz moderated the show down. They powered through the interruptions and the constant statement “let me continue.” In the end people say Hillary won on a lot of different polls.

debate-1-crowley-215-superjumbo-v3Main things that were talked about in this debate were energy, environment, the Supreme Court, Syria, Muslims, Mexicans, taxes and a new information on each candidate.

The new recent video of Trump having “locker room” talk brought his polls down by far. One of the first few questions was about this video and he went off topic. This question was probably the worst part of Trump’s night. He told Clinton if he were president, “she’d be in jail.”

Clinton had a lot to say in this debate and had very quick responses. Once again they brought up her emails and she had the same response. One question that was brought up was about her husband, Bill Clinton. They asked what she thought on what he thought of Obamacare. Her response was good on her case, supporting Bill Clinton and herself.

All over the internet people are saying that this was the nastiest debate ever (this was before the third debate).  Though they accused and interrupted each other they ended positively with each other. They were asked what they respected about one another. Trump said he respected that “she doesn’t quit. She doesn’t give up.” Clinton respects his children and Trump praised this compliment.

Many people thought it was a repetition of the last debate with the same answers from the candidates. There was no handshake between Clinton and Trump before or after the debate. The tension is rising between the two candidates.

And here’s our second take, from Ronaldo Covarrubias:

October 9th marked the date of the much anticipated second Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This debate could not have came at a worse time for Donald Trump because the day before a horrible video of him was released, a video in which he is heard using vulgar language about pushing himself on women and also about groping women.

Even though this was a video that was recorded 11 years ago, it is one of the most highlighted parts of the debate and it also stood out in my opinion because it overshadowed every other topic. Trump apologized for his remarks on women and addressed it as “locker room talk” during the night’s debate and countered it by bringing up Bill Clinton’s sexual interactions with women.

He said “if you look at Bill Clinton, far worse, mine are words and his are actions.” He goes on to explain Bill Clinton’s confrontations with: Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones, whom did in fact accuse Clinton of sexual assault and were present at the debate. He also explains the case of Kathy Shelton, who was only 12 when she was raped and how Hillary defended the attacker and got him off with one year in jail and how she laughed at the victim.

When fact checked, Hillary did not laugh at the victim but she was laughing at the oddities of the case. Even though Ms. Shelton’s case had nothing to do with Bill Clinton, Donald Trump used it to shift gears on Hillary but it didn’t quite work for me, as I see both candidates as puppets for a much greater political agenda funded by the super rich. It amazes me that Democrats and even Republicans throw shade at Trump for his remarks on women when clearly they have no morals themselves.

It is clear that this new run for President will be based off character and clearly neither Republican nor Democratic candidate is fit to serve in the office. It will be interesting to see what 2020 will look like for candidates as this may open the doors for more buffoonery to occur and maybe a new party will take office, but for now, we shall pray for America.