“You Probably Haven’t Seen This…” Chronicle Movie Review

By:Antawn Salinas
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Here in the modern day, “found footage” movies are usually associated with horror, thanks to The Blair Witch Project. But, because of that most modern horror movies are found footage so people can make them cheap. A lot of them look the same and feel the same.

chronicle_ver5That is, except for two certain found footage movies that have tried different things. The one I am reviewing right now is Chronicle.

Chronicle came out in 2012 and was directed by Josh Trank. It stars Dane Dehaan as Andrew Detmer, Alex Russell as Matt Garetty and Michael B. Jordan as Steve Montgomery. In this movie, Andrew is a teenager in high school who decides to film everything with his new camera. One night during a party, our three main characters find something that they (as well as the audience) have no clue what it is. They next day, they find out that they got superpowers from the unknown object. The rest of the film is just them using their powers in fun and/or dangerous situations.

This is one of the most different and interesting movies I have seen. While the main characters have superpowers — they can fly and use telekinesis — but they don’t decide to become superheroes or use them for good. They mostly use them how most people would use them: for personal gain.

They are relatable in that way. There are many times in the movie where I said, “I would definitely do that!” or “That is freaking awesome!” These are three great characters that are relatable. They aren’t perfect, but they have different personalities. The main character of the movie, Andrew, steals the show in this movie. He’s a character that you feel both bad for and good for throughout the events of the movie. Not to say that the other characters have those moments, but with Andrew, they focus on him more than the others.

Conclusion: I’m going to stop the review here for a certain reason. I’m doing it because I don’t want to spoil anything else in the movie. Go into it just knowing nothing except the plot and that it didn’t have much of a budget. But they made a great movie with a small budget. That is why I give Chronicle a 9 out of 10. It’s a fun movie to watch and if you are getting tired of the flood of superhero movies coming out, check this one out.