Time To Start Studying Here Are Some Tactics

By Lauren Mitchell


‘Tis the season for high school midterms. The joy of studying and preparing for these tests are here at last. With all the things you’ve learned this semester how are you going to remember it all? Here are 10 different ways to study for this midterm.

  1. Flash cards. This might seem like it’s not going to help but first writing them down, then questioning yourself helps quite a lot.
  2. Study with a friend. Your friend being there may distract you but they can also keep you in line and keep you on track and help make studying a little less boring.
  3. Go to tutoring. It may seem like it’s for kids who don’t understand or are falling behind in class, but your teacher could help you remember some of the things you’re supposed to know.
  4. Quiz yourself. Studies have shown that people who quizzed themself over and over got better test scores than those who just studied by looking at their notes.
  5. Make a study paper that includes everything you’ve learned in a class into a small lesson plan as if you were to be teaching the class. For fun you could teach a friend a lesson about something and then they teach you something back.
  6. 521611936Making summaries of certain lessons you learned. Summaries will help you save time instead of reading a whole lesson on what you learned you could just reread the summaries that hit the basics of the notes.
  7. Rewriting some notes. To refresh your brain rewrite the notes, take in the words you are writing. It’s like going back over the notes you’ve learned.
  8. Reading notes out loud. Instead of just reading the notes you’ll be able to process as it goes through your mouth.
  9. Create your own mini interactive notebook based on notes you’ve already made. Interactive notebooks are becoming popular in the teaching community because studying is easier and more interesting.
  10. Reread the notes over and over until it’s been pounded into your brain. It’s simple and for some brains it may work, others it may not.

A lot of people study in different ways. They could be visual learners or just read it from the text. Hopefully one of these 10 ways to study will help you during this midterm.