Movie Review: Passengers


By Lauren Mitchell


This movie is set on a spaceship set to take its thousands of passengers to another planet. Two passengers awaken from hypersleep 90 years early and are stuck on the empty malfunctioning ship. The movie Passengers is based around the two characters, Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) and Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) who are stuck on the ship only with each other and a robotic bartender.

Both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt did an amazing job in the movie. Their acting in action and romantic scenes can’t compare to other movies they’ve played in. The characters they play are perfectly portrayed by Lawrence and Pratt. The movie is set to be in space and the effects they did to make it seem in space and on this beautiful ship is amazing.

The movie was written by Jon Spaihts who also wrote for Prometheus, Doctor Strange, and a few others. It was also directed by Morten Tyldum who directed the movie The Imitation Game.

Passengers got a 41 on the Metascore which isn’t that great but many others including me thought the movie was pretty interesting and a great movie to watch. It had almost everything people were looking for in a movie comedy, romance and action. The movie was really good and is nothing i would really change about it besides a few mistakes. Its ending went a little too fast paced but definitely a must see movie! I would rate this movie a 8.5/10. Still in theaters. Go see Passengers now!