Introducing New AFHS Band Teacher Mr. Larson


Alexis Nomorosa


When former band director Mr. Veezey left the Band of Owls, the student body was surprised and were anxiously awaiting to see who would lead the Band of Owls. Starting in January, Mr. Larson arrived to improve the band on campus. Woodwind Section Leader Mr. McBee also would like to help improve the band on campus by encouraging students to join band.

Band and choir have not been as prominent on campus in the recent years. Many students in the art department are looking forward to a great new relationship with the band director and students.  

New band director Mr. Larson has set big goals for the band program. As the new teacher, he believes the band students are “hungry for more from the band program.”

Mr. Larson is a recent college graduate from Grand Canyon University. However, he has been a music coach for high school marching bands since 1982 and was a jazz director at Millennium High School before his full time position at Agua Fria. “My hope is that when kids walk out of here, they are just enthusiastic about music in general,” Mr. Larson said.  

The Band of Owls is seeking new members for the program. However, no experience is needed to join. “My goal is to get more students involved. I’m looking to expand the types of ensembles here,” he said.

Science teacher Mr. McBee was appointed to be the Woodwind Section Leader while Mr. Veezey was still here. “I really enjoy music. It helps me deal with stress in my life through a fun, artistic way. I want the band kids to have a great experience, like something I had that really kept me in music for twelve years,” he said. Mr. McBee encourages band students to “Practice, practice, practice,” as well as to “Question, question, question.”

He hopes he will be rehired as the Woodwind Section Leader to help the band students improve on their abilities to perform and succeed.

If you are an Agua Fria student that wants to get involved in the arts, band is a safe space that will accept anyone. Stop by the Band Room and talk to Mr. Larson in order get started in this amazing program.