R.I.P Vine


By Lauren Mitchell


Recently, we lost a fellow social media network called Vine. January 17th was the last day before the six second loop videos full of comedy would be gone forever.

Back in October Twitter announced Vine shutting down and since then there’s been memes using the hashtag #RIPVine. The creators originally intended to delete it off the app store but then decided to make it into Vine Camera where you can still make six second videos. You can post it on Twitter or save it to your camera roll but not put it into Vine community. The Vine community was the main reason a lot of people had the app.

Vine creators said that one of the main reasons Vine was being shut down was because there were bots that didn’t easily allow them to make money off the app. Vine was one of the top-rated apps at one point but with so many other social medias, Vine has been left in the dust.

When I wrote the story “Which Social Media is Most Popular,” I had to ask them their favorite social media and no one said Vine. Not only did the users of Vine decrease but the famous Viners switched to YouTube.

Viners were upset about the closure, we will forever remember Vine for its six-second looped videos. #RIPVine