School Annoyances: The Toilet Paper Problem


By: Jennifer Perez

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The school bathrooms are already a very disturbing place to enter, the last thing they needed was another decline in cleanliness, yet this is exactly what has happened. Recently, the toilet paper rolls are often not being put in the toilet paper holders inside the stalls. Instead, the rolls are being put on the floor or the back of the toilets. Now this may not seem like a big problem until you realize how disgusting that really is.

A majority of the school bathroom floors contain a decent amount of liquid covering it, whether or not this liquid is water or urine I do not know, but I do know that everyone can agree that they wouldn’t want to touch it. With the toilet paper being left on the floor what tends to happen is the toilet paper soaks up the liquid on the floor and becomes tainted. If you think about it it’s almost like you’re using already used toilet paper.

A majority of the uncleanliness in the bathrooms is because that’s the way the students leave the bathroom, but this toilet paper problem can be easily fixed. It is the janitor’s job to keep the bathrooms moderately clean. Now I understand how unclogging toilets, taking the waste bins out, and cleaning up wads of wet toilet paper can be tedious and undesirable things to do, but putting toilet paper inside their holders is something simple.

No student should have to suffer and use toilet paper that is not clean, and no student should have to fear using these facilities.