The extraordinary people of Arizona



By: Angela Macias
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What is extraordinary? Or who is extraordinary, two questions that make me wonder. This takes a lot of thought. Too much thought actually, Because after speaking with several people, i have found that everyone views extraordinary differently. This interested me. You would think that this is simply a word that can be answered but the more you talk about it the more it goes into depth and meaning and becomes several things.

I thought extraordinary things and people would be easy to indicate but as I found out, it’s more than that,When i think about it, I find that there are many people in my life that I find to be truly out there and fit this tittle of extraordinary. People like my mother who finds many ways to solve a problem under pressure or who can make jokes when we aren’t in the best situation or knows what i’m feeling. These things are extraordinary i don’t find these characteristics in every person I meet.

I think those little characteristics are the most important things about a person and i feel that it is  what makes us extraordinary. These little things that we do that not everyone else does. And i want to answer this rather difficult question for me with something simple: I feel it is simplicity that makes us extraordinary. I feel so strongly about this and here is why.

When thinking about a person, a person who we consider to be extraordinary, we think of what they do and how they act. We think of the characteristics of this human being who we consider to be extraordinary.

“The things they do, the things that they believe. People who are extraordinary are people who aren’t afraid to say what believe and they’re creative and stand up for what is right because, you know, a lot of people don’t do that anymore and i think that is extraordinary.” said Ashlynn ford.  

Natalia Fiol believed that what made someone extraordinary is “when they do something that somebody else doesn’t.”

Aryanna Macias responded with “when they’re outgoing and they’re not afraid to be


Both Natalia Fiol and Ashlynn ford are both students at Agua Fria, who i’ve known for years. Both very different people. Aryanna Macias is my 6th grade sister. I wanted to get a perspective from someone younger.

These people, when thinking about what made a person extraordinary they listed characteristics or traits of what they thought it meant to be extraordinary. Their thoughts were very similar, all of them thought that being themselves or being different is what made a person extraordinary. Which was perfect because I believe that everyone is extraordinary.

Usually people think of different to be extraordinary. Well the definition of extraordinary is someone or something to be very unusual or remarkable. And what is unusual? Well ultimately it is someone who is different. And when given thought, everyone is believed to be different.

You can’t say that you and the person you’re sitting next to you are the same and even with a person you have many common interests and are similar in lots of ways, there are still many different things about you, about all of us. I mean there’s always going to be odd or strange things about a person. The things I find to be strange may not be the same as what you find to be strange.

What is strange really? How can we determine what is different and what is strange? What is considered to be normal? My normal may be different from your normal, right? It’s just in the way you look at it, really. So if you look at it, everything and nothing is normal.

So does that mean no one is extraordinary? no,it means we are all extraordinary. Because we are all either extraordinary or no one is extraordinary. We are either all different or all the same. So therefore i will say we are all extraordinary because people already consider others to be extraordinary. Have i confused you? Or does this make sense. Anyways. Let’s move on.

People also defined strange with numerous definitions. Because strange is such a complex word, in a way.

“I think it depends on what you think is usual. It’s like your opinion, what do you think is usual and from that you can decide on what’s not unusual. Someone who is unusual stays away from the status group and isn’t afraid to be who they are and isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right because people don’t really do that anymore, you know?” ford said.

Natalia Fiol said “it depends on their definition. Something that is unusual to some people may be normal for others.”

Aryanna said “When i think of strange I think of someone that is different, but everyone is different in their own way so everyone is strange”

I have my own thoughts on this as well, i believe that strange is something to be looked at in many perspectives, and there will never be a way to see what way is right. Maybe that’s okay. Things shouldn’t be looked at only one way. I feel that makes us closed off. And it makes us not want to be open to other’s thoughts and what other people believe to be strange. When people see things in one way only, that is what causes fights and negativity. But if we just look at each others differences and accept we are never going to be the same, we can start to realize that we are all extraordinary.

I think that is what I find to be extraordinary, when people are able to let go of themselves and accept other people’s points of view. And even look at them to understand. People who are open are people who i believe are extraordinary. Because people in this generation seem to be so closed off that it does not allow them to really connect with one another. Mabe that’s why we don’t recognize each other’s great differences that make us extraordinary. Maybe that’s what we need to do.

It’s the smallest, simplest things that really make us remarkable, another definition of extraordinary. Like when people grab your hand in a sweet way, showing that you are safe and they care. Or when people pronounce words differently because they like how it sounds.  

It’s not just me who believes this, there are so many people. You just have to ask. And you get answers that me, personally, didn’t expect to get.

“When you think about it, everyone is extraordinary in their own way. Everyone has something in them that makes them extraordinary.” ford said.

“I think i’m extraordinary, yea, Because I like doing things my own way and i work at my own pace. I think i’m extraordinary because i do a lot of things that a lot of people won’t do.” said aryanna macias.

“I think i sort of am extraordinary, i’m not like many other people. I don’t do what everyone else does.” Natalia fiol said.

What amazed me was i had all these people admit to me and themselves that they were different, that they were extraordinary. That moment, was pretty spectacular. To have these people tell me this was a surprise because I would have suspected them to shy off on the question or perhaps not answer it at all. Even though my goal is to inform or convince people that everyone is extraordinary, I didn’t think that people would be this open about it. I’m glad because they have been a big help.

We are talking about people you see from your day to day life. The people you see in class perhaps sitting in the back, maybe in the front. People you pass by during lunch or in the morning. These people who you don’t enough to know them. Because maybe you haven’t had the chance. You’d never know about them. They’d be these people who are just people.

You are sort of missing an opportunity, really. Because in every person you pass by, you could have meet someone, someone who could be kind of different compared to you. Or someone who is so different, it amazes you.

People get pretty amazed by differences. Well actually, people are either amazed or terrified of something that is different but that’s okay, people respond differently. Haha, see what i did there? But differences are really the only thing that gets us to notice. We live off of differences. And that’s pretty spectacular, don’t you think?

That is just how we live. We live a life filled with so many differences, we just become blind and mix it all in as one. We look at the world as one picture, only one and act so nonchalant about it. Can we realize everything and everyone is different, and can we just realize that it’s okay. If we just start to realize now, we can live better, Because sooner or later we will figure it out. That differences both amaze us and terrify us, but it’s amazing. It’s extraordinary.