All We Can Do is Wait After Trump’s Questionable Muslim Ban

By: Lenny Sosa
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JANUARY 27, 2017- Great shock had swept the nation last friday when Donald Trump ordered what is being labeled a “Muslim Ban” which prohibits people from “predominantly Muslim nations from entering the United States” (New York Times). Reasoning for this is said to be to reduce attacks from foreign terrorists which was put in dispute, arguing that many of those refugees trying to leave their country in order to escape the carnage and terrors going on.

New York times calls it “cowardly and dangerous,” holding Trump responsible in taking drastic measures, leaving the question as to what is going to happen to the many Muslims who hold a visa in the U.S. But as promised Donald Trump has so far done what he committed to when he signed on to be president leaving some to believe his ideas an appeal to them while others deny them and rally against him.img_0612

Details behind this ban are that for 90 days no person from 7 different Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Syria) will enter and those who are on board to come here will be shipped back and those who have visas will be eligible to stay in the country without problem. CNN and The New York Times Reports also state that two Iraqi nationals have sued the national government after they were detained, adding further question as to what may be going through the mind of the President.

Donald Trump commented, “It’s working out very nicely.” Making the assumption that we may not know exactly was it to come next of this. Especially with many this enraged making it hard not to question what he is doing. The people are said to have a voice but at the moment not many are getting this opportunity to speak out.

What’s left is to do is hope for the best and that everything eventually gets sorted out so that no one is left harmed and feels resent towards the US afterwards. There are other possible measures to protecting ourselves against terrorism because this just isn’t the way to go and for those who believe they should really take into consideration the families living through difficult time and the embarrassment it must feel to be labeled a “terrorist” based on the actions of others.

A federal judge in Washington has temporarily put Trump’s order on hold. The decision is currently being reviewed by the U.S. Court of Appeals.