You can Count on Jan!

By: D’Randa Hooks and Esli Soto Vega — OwlFeed

Twitter: @writingdranda and @OwlFeed_Esli

DSCN0001Ms. Counts has outlasted countless principals and seen the school develop since her childhood. Working as the principal’s assistant, she is a living witness to the progress our school has attained and does nothing, but aid in the coming bright future of Agua Fria.

A little background of Ms. Counts: her father is our school’s own legendary coach and supporter Mr. OK Fulton. Sound familiar? His name is posted in big letters over the New Gym.

Ms. Count has been a part of our school since her father began coaching in 1963. She recalls sitting in the bleachers and playing around the courts when she was a little girl. And as an adult she still calls this hallowed institution home.

Ms. Counts job as principal’s administrative assistant is among the most rigorous the school district can offer. Her job is one that is year-round, however, her favorite part of the job is her interaction with students. “I don’t do it for the money, I do it for the people it helps,” Ms. Counts said. She is selfless in her mission to better education for our school because she sees the potential it holds.

School spirit is one thing Counts recalls as something that Agua Fria has always possessed. From her younger years to her adult years, she has no doubt that the alumni and students of Agua Fria are proud to be here. The type of people Agua Fria holds are those with bright futures and high values that make our school such a great place to be.

Her time here has accumulated some pretty great memories and stories ranging from noises she has heard in the office to Counts Yearbooka surprise SWAT practice run through the campus while she was here alone. But one thing that has surprised her the most over the years includes her most favorite part of the campus — students.

Standardized test, however, remain inconsistent and continue to change throughout the years. “I was here when they first started AIMS and now that’s gone, and replaced with AzMERIT,” she said. She also notes that now in high school the students have way more opportunity for success with a variety of classes also offered at higher levels.

To Ms. Counts, #BeAnOwl holds a place close to her heart as she has lived her life around our school. She is so grateful that we have enough alumni and faculty to help keep traditions that make Agua Fria unique to the other schools around. The tradition to make successful students college and career ready is something she sees students uphold as the student body promotes academic excellence as well as participation.

So when you have free time at school look around because it’s 60 years of greatness you’re standing in. Take it in and don’t let go of any opportunities it may hold because all of the people who work here signed up to help and encourage you.